Drawing Darumas

Copic marker art by Rabbit Town Art
Daruma pattern elements coloured with copic markers

 If I haven't mentioned in my earlier blog posts for this year, it has been really nice colouring traditionally. I usually hand draw and ink traditionally and then colour digitally. I had to do it for the upcoming book I worked on since you never know what might need changing.

I think colouring traditionally just gives the end product a different feel. 

Rabbit Town Art work process for Daruma drawings
Marta Tesoro work process

Above photo shows my recording process. I sometimes bring this phone holder out and about when am drawing in the city too.  It's convenient once it's all compacted but heavy! This is how I record all my videos though.  I remember needing a video camera back in the day and a tripod set up.  Things have gotten so much more convenient since then.

Rabbit Town Art working
Marta Tesoro work process and Hanzo in background

I draw darumas a lot.  I like that in Japan they're suppose to be lucky and bring prosperity to the home. I also like that you can paint the left eye of the Daruma as you make your wish/goal and then only paint the right eye once your goals come true.  I also love the aesthetic of the Daruma, they come in many different colours nowadays but I prefer the classic red. The daruma is suppose to depict a pot bellied monk which would explain bringing blessings into your home.

Drawing Darumas by Rabbit Town Art
Editing Darumas in Photoshop

I spent today editing the darumas in Photoshop.  Cleaning up the linework and any specks I might have missed.  Pattern is coming soon!  I think I will put this one on my Redbubble Shop.


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