Year of the Water Rabbit

Chinese New Year Rabbit  by Marta Tesoro
Year of the Water Rabbit

Chinese New Year starts around February (Feb 10 this year) so it is still year of the Water Rabbit!  I actually drew this up early last year but never actually posted.  That said, you can grab this shirt on my Tee Public shop

I've always been fascinated by the Chinese zodiac and the rich symbolism behind each animal sign. As an artist, I find inspiration in the traits and characteristics associated with each zodiac year. However, my own zodiac sign wasn't particularly compatible with the Rabbit in 2023. That said, I still received plenty of opportunities in 2023. Anyway, I love drawings rabbits so I could not pass up the chance to draw more bunnies!

In celebration of the Year of the Water Rabbit, I decided to combine two of my favourite elements, rabbits and skulls. I mean the Rabbit is a symbol of peace, prosperity and longevity and the skull is a reminder of our eventual end which hopefully is resting in peace so they kind of go together? They did in my head anyway.

This year is the Year of the Dragon, and I am inspired to draw some dragons this year, The Dragon symbolizes power, strength, and good fortune, and I'm eager to explore these themes through my art. I have to draw a skull combined with a dragon this year, for sure!

While I don't celebrate Chinese New Year in a traditional sense, I've always enjoyed immersing myself in the festive atmosphere of Melbourne's Chinatown during this time. The vibrant colours, the sounds of fireworks, and the lively lion dances are always fun to watch. One of my favourite traditions is catching up with friends over yumcha.

Melbourne has some picturesque spots that come alive during Chinese New Year, and I'm eagerly anticipating visiting these colourful and lively places in February. It's a time when the city is transformed into a celebration of culture and tradition, and I always find inspiration in the energy and spirit of the festivities.

Well, I am looking forward to exploring more of the Chinese Zodiac and it's symbolism and being inspired to create artworks through that. I've always wanted to create a proper series involving all 12 zodiacs, so we'll see if 2024 will be the year for it!



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