Maja Pattern Challenges: Christmas time


Christmas themed pattern by Rabbit Town Art
Maja Pattern Challenge: Gingerbread Man

Hi, hi!  More on art challenges that I did last year!  These ones were the Christmas themed ones I managed to do for Maja Pattern Challenges.  The first one being Gingerbread and I used Faber Castell water colour pens this time around and then edited in Photoshop.  I really missed colouring my illustrations traditionally.  It's so much easier to do it in Photoshop but there is something really satisfying when drawing the whole thing traditionally.

Gingerbread Man work in progress Marta Tesoro
Work in progress

Blending is traditionally feel quite different to doing it digitally and both have their cons and pros.  I was after a rougher look this time for this Christmas series so this medium worked out.

Snowman surface Pattern design by Marta Tesoro
Maja Pattern Challenge: Snowman 

The Faber Castell pens dry faster than traditional watercolours, needing less water which made it idea for when I was painting in cafes and food courts in the city.  It's nice to draw in different areas, I get to people watch during my break, which I love.  Working publicly during the Christmas season has a different vibe too...more festive I think. My snowman patter was especially cute, I think.  I'll be putting it on my Redbubble shop, keep your eyes peeled!

Snowman Pattern elements by Rabbit Town Art
Work in progress in a cafe

The last illustration challenge I managed to do was the Hot Chocolate theme.  Here are my kitty, bunny and bear mallows melting in a hot chocolate bath.  Not sure if you consider that cute or morbid...maybe a bit from column A and a bit from column B?

Hot Chocolate pattern design by Rabbit Town Art
Maja Pattern Challenge: Hot Chocolate

Maja pattern challenges are weekly which gives me a bit more time to come up with something. I am hoping to do the challenges this year on a regular basis.  I think the first one for this week is square.  Not really my thing but am gonna try and come up with something!

Little mallow bear in a mug by Rabbit Town Art
Hot Chocolate work in progress


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