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One of the opportunities I received from Artshine licensing last year was they sent my work to Elephant Stock.  It looks like an awesome site and I am please to have my work be a part of their product line up.  As an artist, you only make money if you sell though, as with anything royalty based so we'll see how it goes!  I have 52 of my skulls up there which is pretty exciting.

Silver Eyes

The advantage of an Elephant Stock print (at the time of writing) is as follows:

1) 100% premium canvas ensuring longer lifespan and durability

2) Protected with UV scratch resistance and waterproof laminates

3) Ready to hang and supplied with hanging hardware. No additional hardware needed

4) 30 Day Money Back guarantee

Squirrel Hoard

I had a major skull phase in 2020 till early 2021.  I still love drawing skulls but haven't done a new series in a while.  I still have quite a few from my old series to colour.

Leopard Pattern

I am hoping this collection sells well, but we'll see.  It's all a gamble and it all comes down to getting seen and people wanting to but the product.  I do hope so though as the Elephant Stock canvases look really good. 


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