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Day 60 of illustrating every day.  Some more unpleasantness happened today and I don't want to divulge any details at this time.  Copic fineliners for this drawing.


Day 59 of illustrating every day!  Yeah!  Here is the illustration for today, dude crushing a bad imp...or some other small creature.  Didn't really think of the details when I drew it up.  Done really quickly, less than 10 minues.  Sometimes I think, for certain situations, not all you understand, that the best way to rememdy a problem is to crush them.  Works well for pests of all forms I think.  Especially bed bugs and roaches.....hate them.  Vile creatures.  Busy day today, handed in another corporate gig so that's the last of the immediate deadlines for a little while.  I need the breathing room, I must admit.  Now I need to crush a specific animated shot am working on for the pilot job.  It's a shot that's simply refusing to die...that said, when it's finish, it's going to look awesome! Copic fineliners and scanned into Photoshop.

Fairy Godmothers don't exist

Seriously....boys and girls, fairy godmothers don't exist, nor does the tooth fairy and neither does Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.  They don't.  Wishes and dreams don't come true without some luck and a good deal of hard work.  That's the thing kid's should realize young I think, so they don't grow up to be adults that dream but don't work for it.  You want to be an Astronaut?  You need to be fit, know your maths, go through rigorous and pukey training.  Want to be a ballerina?  Be prepared for constant diets, feet that bleed and a lot of training and hard work. Let's not forget, of course, that the Universe isn't fair.  Life isn't fair, sometimes hard work just isn't enough.  Sometimes your best just isn't good enough and you have to either strive to be better or accept it.  Some people are just born brilliant and privileged.  Some people work really hard to try and achieve goals, only to have it taken away by family, loved ones, a

Disgruntled Pretty Woman

Day 57 of illustrating straight.  Feeling a lot better today and would like to thank the people who sent words of encouragement and support through emails, twitter, Facebook and leaving comments on my blog.  Very much appreciated and I am touched. Now yesterday on the way to meet a friend to draw at a nice little artsy pub in the city, I came a across a very lovely looking lady on the street but she looked quite annoyed and irritated by something.  Her face and her lovely hair got stuck in my head so I thought I would draw her.  She must look absolutely stunning when she smiles as she still looked quite beautiful angry.  The drawing was done using an HB pencil. I also went to a "Where's Wally" party last night and had an absolute blast!

What is the point?

Day 56 and I woke up today just feeling a bit let down and a little hopeless. I just don't know what the point of it all is.  I don't know if I can be bothered to believe in anything anymore. Would anyone notice if I just dropped everything?  Disappeared?  Or would I only be noticed because am not there to be used anymore? Drawing done in less than 5 minutes.  Straight copic fineliners and straight into Photoshop for texturing.

Punk Girl

Hello everyone!  This is my entry for today.  This is based on a girl I met yesterday at my friend's going away shindig.  I thought she looked kinda cool so I drew what I remembered of her today, though considering I had a few drinks last night this drawing may not be very accurate.  Day 55 and this was drawn in pencil, inked with a faber castel brush pen and coloured in Photoshop. In other news, the project that was due today passed with flying colours!  Hurray! 

Dangerous Penguins

So this is what's going around Facebook at the moment which inspired this drawing: Please post this as your status if you know someone who has been eaten by penguins. Penguins are nearly unstoppable and, when hungry, also breathe fire. 71% of people won't copy this into their status because they have already been eaten by Penguins. Another 28% won't because they are hiding in their showers with fire extinguishers awaiting the coming Penguin-apocalypse. The remaining 1% are awesome and will re-post. That is what inspired me to draw there is a chance that I could be eaten by horrid, angry, fire breathing penguins shortly after I put up this post.  Please thank Webbot and Megpiggy for putting this up on their statuses once I've been eaten.  Done with graphite, inked with copic fineliners and coloured in Photoshop.  This is the 54th drawing in a row. For other news, work is going well, I will make the deadline tomorrow without a problem and I have ano

Surprise Winner!

Surprise Winner from Marta Tesoro on Vimeo . Hello everyone!  Behold my new loop for loopdeloop !  Please vote for me by clicking on a star if you like it!  The awesome sound was done by Daniel Waghorn.  A little tired today.  I decided not to go out tonight so I can get ahead with work and am glad I did.  I have a lot less stress to deal with tomorrow.  I am still confused on whether or not to go back to school and learn 3D next year... would be great to be able to do both 2D and 3D....that would be insane!  Hmm...decisions, decisions...

Orange Hair

Day 53 of illustrating straight and things are pretty darn busy.  Juggling a few jobs at once and have decided to focus on them one at the time and just get the one that's due first done.  Best way to work I think and then concentrate and smash out the next big gig after that.  Am tired to say the least and have not had any time to go to the gym.  Dying for a stress relief I must say.  Dying I tell you! Heh, on top of that, am thinking of going back to University next year to study 3D.  That will get very interesting on top of work because am not planning to stop.  Am also toying with the idea of compiling a book of all the drawings I've been doing everyday and a comic or two for Super Nova in Melbourne next year.  That is a real big maybe...feeling a little pressed for time as is.  I just feel like I have so much to do and my head is feeling quite full.  GAH!!!  Need to pound something or do something active!  I just have a lot of social gatherings this week and something had

Bad Teddy

Day 52 and I am totally exhausted and the week hasn't even started yet really..  I also have a new animated loop!  Please vote for me here ! Just click on a star if you like it!  This drawing was done for my friend Sandra, just teasing her about the evil of teddy bear characters.  Done with copic fineliners and coloured in Photoshop. I finished 1 corporate gig yesterday and that went through without a hitch!  I am also working on another corporate gig this week on top of the pilot job.  This current shot on the pilot gig is...difficult to say the least.  Am going to be so happy when it's done and especially happy once I put it on next years showreel.  Hurray!

Let the Monsters Out!

Day 51 of illustrating straight...hell yeah!!!  I've been saying lately that I've been releasing a lot of thoughts, inspirtations and my moods have been showing up in my illustrations and I've been saying lately "Just releasing the monsters in my head", so I thought I'd draw it. I did this yesterday at an artsy pub in the city with comic friend Ben Hutcho .  I like drawing with people.  This was drawn in lead then inked with a japanese brush pen (first time I've ever used one and I like it!) and then coloured in Photoshop. Busy days ahead for me...I hope everyone has an awesome week!

Pretty Cafe Girl

Tad ta da da!  Behold my 50th drawing!  hurray!  Wow, I didn't think I would make it this far and am very pleased that I have stuck with it despite being busy with other stuff!  This is a quick sketch based on one of the folks who works at the local cafe.  I thought she was rather pretty so I drew her.  Done with copic fineliners and Photoshop. Lots of work on but am determined to find the time just to chill out and see friends.  I didn't nearly as much work as I wanted to do today since I went to the gym, caught up with an old friend and will be heading to an artsy pub with a bunch of other artists to draw.  Why not? It's a Sunday and I already finished the job that's due tomorrow which is the main thing.  I got another due date on Friday and am determined to wipe out a tough animation scene am working on this week.   Might as well re-charge and relax now while I can!

Lingerie clad lady

Day 49 and here's my drawing for today.  I originally thought she'd be wearing a bikini then after putting in the background and looking at it again, thought it looked more like lingerie. The week that just went past was rather busy, hectic and emotional for me with work, trying to get more work and family and financials all reared their heads together.  I am surprised that I managed to get through it all. The week coming is looking even more busy for me as I have two deadlines, trying to kill off this "A" shot for the pilot job and trying to get another gig while am at it.  Then  also have a birthday, friend catch ups, studio party and network drinks to go to.  Mmmmm...I foresee little sleep in the days to come. I had a lovely dinner out with my female friends yesterday and caught up with another friend after that.  A lovely relaxing night and today it was so nice and sunny that I paused work to just go to the local cafe and bask in the sun.  Don't take vita

IF: Swell

Brian quickly realized that sucking helium had dire consequences .... Day 48 of illustrating everyday and here is my submission for Illustration Friday , the theme being "swell".  Am a little last minute with submitting this one today.  It was pretty hectic.  Really trying to get through an "A" shot for the pilot job and sorting out a couple of small jobs that just came in.  This image was done with copic fineliners and coloured in Photoshop. Busy, busy but I can always have more jobs!  I am currently going through all my previous corporate jobs, I think it's time I made a reel of it instead of just showing my character animation work.  Wheee!  More stuff to do!  I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


  Day 47...holy cow, only 3 more days till I make it to 50 illustrations!  Hurray! I have a bit of work on at the moment which is great but I had to make todays illustration a bit quick today. Ever feel like you're just keeping your head above water and it's all sink or swim?  I feel that a lot but it's better than drowning right?


Hello! Day 46 and here's my new creation.  I name it floopy!  It's a combination of a mouse, a teddy bear and a bird of some description.  Done in Photoshop and with inks. Cute little thing. 

Content Kitty

Hello!  It's day 45 of illustrating straight and feeling pretty good about things despite waking up with a cold.  Things seem to be going well and am getting quite a bit done despite feeling like am not working hard enough.  A busy day today so I thought I'd post this one early.  Got a couple of meetings and I need to do work in-between all that and am hoping to squeeze in gym...hmmmmm.  Always much to do. Hope everyone is having a great day.


Day 44 and here I am with another one of these guys...trying to get a bit more detail and action into the drawings.  I do like this.  People get decapitated by whisks all the time.  This was is inspired by my friend Sandras that dressed up as a murderous housewife with a bloody whisk two Halloweens ago. I have picked up more freelance work, hurray!  Doing some corporate animations.  I am officially quite busy and I may get busier shortly which is always nice.  On top of that, I am trying to work on more personal projects, aside from my drawing everyday challenge.  I am going to be roughing out a comic soon, using these characters.  The comic will most likely be violent with elements of truth thrown in and a whole lot of exaggeration.  I think it should be a lot of fun but very challenging since I haven't done one in a while. Much to do again tomorrow!  Hopefully more exciting news to come!


Day 43 and it's a cute little character I came up with not too long ago for today. All done with pens and coloured in Photoshop. Have had a few days off work the last three days or so just to recharge the batteries.  Been going all out a bit too much and this week is looking fairly busy...we shall see.  I went hiking again yesterday and it was pretty darn awesome and I met some cool people.  I also ordered my costume for Armageddon last night,  hopefully it fits! Hope you're all having a great Stunday.  Off to draw with some comic folks!


Day 42 of illustrating everday.  Did a quick rough copic fineliner sketch and coloured in photoshop while hanging out with the comic people at Inherent Vice last night.  They're last day is tomorrow so if any of you live in Melbourne and haven't seen them yet, now is the time to visit them. Thought to draw one of the characters injured...after all these things do happen.... Long day of fun filled activities, will fill you all in tomorrow!  Hope your Saturday is awesome filled!


Hello, hello!  41 days of illustrating boys and girls!  Pretty happy with this piece, I think it looks pretty cool.  I am getting rather attached to my violent little characters.  This not too sure if this is actually possible.  I was discussing it with some friends today and it would have perhaps been better to have had the entire skull smashed instead of just the face and then having the brain coming out on the other side.  I am currently just having fun developing these characters for a potential comic/short animation...perhaps both since a comic is pretty much like a storyboard anyway.  So we'll see.  The comic probably won't be for the squeamish nor the faint of heart.  Not too worry though!  I shall still have cute and fashion works appearing on this blog.  My moods change quite a bit, but this is the style that I am currently inspired to draw. Things seem to be developing freelance-wise.  Don't want to say anything till the gig is fully starting or a

Nervous Little Fox Girl

 Day 40 of illustrating straight and this was not the illustration I was planning to put up today.  I had one that I was working on but I haven't finished it yet and am not sure that I will have time to finish it before going out to dinner so I made this quick one instead.  Copic fineliners and coloured in photoshop. With this drawing everyday exercise, I find that sometimes I need to rush home while am out and try to upload a drawing before midnight so am trying to be a bit wiser with my time so I can enjoy being out without needing to rush back. Anyway, this one is a change of pace from the violent ones I've been putting up lately.  The one I was working on today is in the same line as the other two.  A friend suggested that I try and do a comic using the violent characters I have been coming up with...I just might....

Got your Spine!!!

Day 39 of illustrating straight!  Yup...she took someones spine out with a spoon.  I had a friend that once mentioned that and this drawing was inspired by him.  I always thought it was a cool threat....taking someones spine out with a spoon.  Anyway, I also thought of the game "got your nose" thought "got your spine" was more impressive. Hand drawn and hand inked then scanned into Photoshop.  My inking is getting better.  Still need to work on drawing hands though.  It's frustrating. Busy day today and I need to take the day off tomorrow.  I haven't had one in 2 weeks and am starting to get sloppy.  I am also looking for more work still while I still have work...the usual!

Hello Death!

Day 38 of illustrating straight and here I am feeling a bit annoyed with some people I met today.  It amazes me how people want work that is cheap, fast and of high quality.  Sorry, but I can't provide all those things in one go!  You can have cheap, fast but not so great work or expensive and awesome quality.  I work naturally fast anyway but obviously I can work faster if the quality is not so high.  I mean it's either quality or quantity...and if someone wants both I need money cause I won't have a life or any sleep trying to achieve that.  If it's cheap and the quality not so high and it's needed quickly, I can do that pretty easily. just gets so disheartening sometimes.  Anyway, bleh!  I think I'll go find a job making cookies or something if art stuff dries up. Also am getting really tired of people asking me if I can animate text!  If I can animate turnarounds and walk cycles and characters doing all sorts of things, I can move text!  Seriou

Lashes of great Length

Day 37 of illustrating everyday and behold my second piece using watercolours.  All done with pencil, water colours on Canson paper and then scanned into Photoshop where I put the background in. When I went out to lunch with my sister and her partner yesterday, we were in the car and across the road, at least 2 lanes away from us, we saw this woman with lashes so long we could see it a few metres away.  There is some serious lashage going on if we could see her eyelashes from that far.  She could stab someone with those...they were so thick and long.  Sooooo long that they're probably illegal. On another note, seems like there's a lot of phone scammers popping up telling folks that they're system is full of malware, that they're from Windows and that you need to pay for a 1 time only registration fee to get your software up to date.  Do not fall for this.  These guys are scammers.  If in doubt, get their phone number then ring a friend who knows about computers and

Cat Angel

Day 36 of drawing straight and this is a character that my younger sister came up with years ago when she was a teenager.  Thought I'd draw this one for her today as she came by and gave me lots and lots of art goodies (papers, paints) that I am very grateful for and this is a small token of my appreciation.  She and her partner also treated me out to lunch today which was so sweet!  Ah, feed the poor starving artist with art and food...what more can one ask for? This was done with watercolours on canson watercolour paper, with a bith of brush penning and some Photoshopping.  I haven't painted using this medium for over 10 years and it's my first time on it.  It will take a lot of practice to get the feel of water colours again and even when I was using it regularly I always treated it too much like acrylic paints. Did a bit of work this weekend for different jobs which was very nice and got approvals from the client as well which was even nicer.  More to do tomorrow a

IF: Imperfect

 Hey all! Here I am at Day 35 of drawing straight till December 31.  Still going strong I think and coming up with a lot of different looks, styles,'s a lot of fun.  This was done for Illustration Fridays theme: Imperfect.  Basically was just thinking of the stuff that some attractive people, especially women,  make about themselves like freckles.  I always hear about the freckles but I think they're really cute! Some wear glasses and they feel self-conscious or that they're not as pretty with them on, I wear glasses and personally I think I look good with them on as I do off and I find a lot of people look great with glasses.  Then there's the teeth, crooked, gap, bunny teeth...again I think they all add to the charm of ones features.  Unmanageable or frizzy hair, being a girl of straight and slightly wavy hair I always envied those with curls, especially when I was a young.  This was done with copic fine liners, a faber castel brush pen and colour penci

Drawing Request 08: A rancid baby teething on the enterprise while a stray shrink ray lies on the porch of the redneck family.

Day 34 and I've finally done another one of the drawing requests .  Only 2 more to go! This one is for my friend Peter Douglas , he requested this on facebook a while back, his request: A rancid baby teething on the enterprise while a stray shrink ray lies on the porch of the redneck family.   This was done with fineliners and brought into photoshop. I am worried about what's going to happen after the pilot gig.  It's been really slow this year and with financial crisis looming...who knows what's going to happen.  I've never done any other sort of work that wasn't creative...with the exception of that one summer job I had working at a chocolate factory and admittedly that was fun.  Oh the many chocolates...ending up in my pocket (it was all perfectly legal, they encouraged workers to eat chocolates thinking that will make us all sick of it....obviously they didn't know that I could live solely on chocolates).   Anyway, I can't compla

Dreaming of Cake

Day 33!  Broke my previous record of drawing everyday (I made it to 32 last time) and only 5 minutes before deadline!  It was a really busy day today working on the pilot, doing household chores, caught up with some friends, went to the gym and spent a few hours at the NGV with a bunch of comic book artist that are staying there 24 hours to do comics.  An article about them can be read here  .  I actually managed to do a few drawings tonight too but haven't quite finished them all yet. I figured out a way to not tear the drawings out of this particular sketchbook when scanning and that makes me happy :)  Means I can have all my sketches stay intact in my drawing book. Tomorrow is busy yet again!  I would like cake...but it would undo all my gym work....perhaps I should just gym more then I can have copious amounts of cake (what I can afford anyway)   More gym tomorrow too and am looking forward to it!


Day 32...oh wow,  I have passed the one month mark!  Time is totally flying.  My piece for today, done with fine liners, copic pens for shading and Photoshop.  I do enjoy playing with textures and I love the old fatigued and dirtied look.  Lots of fun.  It looks like an old photograph!  Well...if the dude looked a little less cartoonified... Well I finished one big job today and it all went through without a hitch and the client was very happy with the finished product which in turn makes me very happy.  I do have to knuckle down on the pilot gig tomorrow and hopefully make them happy.   I am glad to be getting gigs though and hoping for more paid work to come up soon.  It would be nice. Somebody actually asked if I only work for commission or if I do anything for the "love of it".  Tsk, tsk...what I do in my own time, I do for the love of it and because I enjoy animating and drawing outside of a job.  I always say that I love what I do, but that doesn't mean that be

Crying puffball

Day 31 and I thought I'd do a Flash and Photoshop combination.  Had to do another fast one as it's 20 past midnight and i need to get to work early tomorrow. My day today is going to be incredibly hectic so as a precaution, thought I'd post this one up very early. My house smells like smoke for accidentally putting a brownie in the microwave for 2 minutes instead of 20 seconds.  I get a bit out of it when I work long hours.  Was just thinking on how sometimes you feel like crying but you don't really know the cause of it or it's just a combination of so many things that it gets difficult to pinpoint?  I get like that sometimes.  Not tonight though!  But I thought about it, so this drawing came about.  Not to worry, am not feeling sad, just a little tired.  Will be good to finish this current project before the deadline, then I will go back to concentrating on the Pilot gig and all the small jobs I have on the side.

Burnt Toast was more like a burnt grilled cheese sandwich that I had late in the afternoon having had missed lunch.  Was working on two jobs today and was going all out and gotten to a stage where I am happy with the progress of both but now I have to knuckle down and get the one that's due on Wednesday done already.  I can't do much more work tonight though, a bit tired and my apartment smells like smoke.  Not from the burnt cheese sandwich but from a brownie I put in the microwave and nuked it for far too long.  There was a lot of smoke.  It happened right after I did this drawing too.  So this illustration represents what happened this afternoon but not for what happened in the evening.  Essentially I burnt two meals today: snack and dessert. I was so busy that I couldn't make it to the gym.  Much to my annoyance.  I can't go tomorrow cause I've got something else on.  Gah!  Hopefully there will be time on Wednesday. This is Day 30 of drawing straight.  It see