Bad Teddy

Day 52 and I am totally exhausted and the week hasn't even started yet really..  I also have a new animated loop!  Please vote for me here! Just click on a star if you like it! 

This drawing was done for my friend Sandra, just teasing her about the evil of teddy bear characters.  Done with copic fineliners and coloured in Photoshop.

I finished 1 corporate gig yesterday and that went through without a hitch!  I am also working on another corporate gig this week on top of the pilot job.  This current shot on the pilot gig is...difficult to say the least.  Am going to be so happy when it's done and especially happy once I put it on next years showreel.  Hurray!


  1. After seeing this bad teddy I'm glad I gave up taking my teddy to bed many years ago :D

  2. I'm really looking forward to your comic strip. You can more than hold your own against those current professionals and make a decent run out of it.

  3. Good Morning - I just found your blog and am very much enjoying it, we have mutual friends in blogsphere.
    I will enjoy past posts. Looking forward to a visit from you


  4. Hehehehe! Thanks for the comments guys! @ anonymous: I hope I don't disappoint you :)


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