Pretty Cafe Girl

Tad ta da da!  Behold my 50th drawing!  hurray!  Wow, I didn't think I would make it this far and am very pleased that I have stuck with it despite being busy with other stuff!  This is a quick sketch based on one of the folks who works at the local cafe.  I thought she was rather pretty so I drew her.  Done with copic fineliners and Photoshop.

Lots of work on but am determined to find the time just to chill out and see friends.  I didn't nearly as much work as I wanted to do today since I went to the gym, caught up with an old friend and will be heading to an artsy pub with a bunch of other artists to draw.  Why not? It's a Sunday and I already finished the job that's due tomorrow which is the main thing.  I got another due date on Friday and am determined to wipe out a tough animation scene am working on this week.   Might as well re-charge and relax now while I can!


  1. Congratulations Marta!!! Well done! Lovely portrait too!!! On to 100! ;)
    xo J~


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