Day 44 and here I am with another one of these guys...trying to get a bit more detail and action into the drawings.  I do like this.  People get decapitated by whisks all the time.  This was is inspired by my friend Sandras that dressed up as a murderous housewife with a bloody whisk two Halloweens ago.

I have picked up more freelance work, hurray!  Doing some corporate animations.  I am officially quite busy and I may get busier shortly which is always nice.  On top of that, I am trying to work on more personal projects, aside from my drawing everyday challenge.  I am going to be roughing out a comic soon, using these characters.  The comic will most likely be violent with elements of truth thrown in and a whole lot of exaggeration.  I think it should be a lot of fun but very challenging since I haven't done one in a while.

Much to do again tomorrow!  Hopefully more exciting news to come!


  1. Brilliant news about new work, you go girl!
    I'm so looking forward to your comic :)


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