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 Hey all! Here I am at Day 35 of drawing straight till December 31.  Still going strong I think and coming up with a lot of different looks, styles, themes...it's a lot of fun.  This was done for Illustration Fridays theme: Imperfect.  Basically was just thinking of the stuff that some attractive people, especially women,  make about themselves like freckles.  I always hear about the freckles but I think they're really cute! Some wear glasses and they feel self-conscious or that they're not as pretty with them on, I wear glasses and personally I think I look good with them on as I do off and I find a lot of people look great with glasses.  Then there's the teeth, crooked, gap, bunny teeth...again I think they all add to the charm of ones features.  Unmanageable or frizzy hair, being a girl of straight and slightly wavy hair I always envied those with curls, especially when I was a young. 

This was done with copic fine liners, a faber castel brush pen and colour pencils.  No photoshop tonight.  I like doing things traditionally too from time to time.  I drew this with the comic people at the NGV.  If you're in Melbourne, come and check them out, they're only there for 8 more days!  I plan to go in again and draw before they have to pack up.  It's fun doing artwork with creative people around.

Gotta do some work tonight as I didn't do much today!


  1. I agree about everything you said except that bit about unmanageable and frizzy hair - I've had it all my life and trust me it's one of the most annoying imperfections, I've battled with it all my life and I will continue to fight with it :D

  2. Oh my goodness how sweet is she!!! I just love her personality, her personal style, that grab between her teeth and those aweseome glasses. She is wonderful.
    Thanks so much for the well wishes.
    Best to you as well.

  3. Hands-on feel from the traditional media goes along with the theme - a very appealing image. Ever notice how folks who get aspects of their appearance 'fixed' all start to look alike? Hmmm...

  4. oh i think she looks FINE!
    always love red-haired girls, heheh :D

    perfect is boring!



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