Day 47...holy cow, only 3 more days till I make it to 50 illustrations!  Hurray! I have a bit of work on at the moment which is great but I had to make todays illustration a bit quick today.

Ever feel like you're just keeping your head above water and it's all sink or swim?  I feel that a lot but it's better than drowning right?


  1. Definitely better than drowning!!
    Three more sleeps till 50...way to go!
    xo J~

  2. Heh, it can feel like that every day, but as we haven't sunk yet I guess we must be doing ok :)

  3. i feel somewhat bittersweet over the fact that you'll only have three days left of this challenge.. what am i now to look forward to every day?! xDD'

  4. hahahahaha! 3 mnore days? doing this until December 31 ;)


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