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Fat Cat

Illustration 151.  Another quick one today.  Just have too many things to do.  Been working on a shot all day and I've just got it to the point where I am happy on how it is animating.  I love fat cats.  I know that means they are unhealthy and due to keel over from the weight any time soon but I think they look so cute!!!!  So huggable and squeezable.  In fact...I like most fat furry things.  Like giant puff balls!


Illustration 150 in a row!  Wooo hoo!  Well, today was a day of re-charging and cleaning up the house (most of it) and a wee bit of socializing.  The job that was on pause has started up again so I have stuff to do tomorrow.  Yay!  I will most likely spend Thursday back in the studio, getting stuff ready for painting and fixing up the place a bit more.  Takes a while to set up a place when there is a lot of people involved.  I figured I might as well start stuff while everyone else is setting up. I have daifuku mochi on the brain.  I do love my Japanese sweets!

Air Balloon Rabbit

Illustration 149 in a row.  Today I had one job paused and another one about to end.  I spent most of the day watching Naruto after getting some work done.  It's so distracting and I love to watch it all during a downtime.  At the same time I feel guilty.  I have a myriad of projects to do and people to see, network, gym, so much stuff.  I am terrible at relaxing and just relaxing and I always feel a slight bit of panic when a job ends.  Feels like I need to "top it up".   Anyway, it is gym time and doing some illustration work tomorrow!  Right going to watch more of Naruto!

Truffle Day

Illustration 148 in a row.  Today was spent setting up the studio and realizing I didn't have enough mount boards and I need to get proper spray adhesives.  It seems the one I have is on the flimsy side...though it makes making mistakes more repairable.  Aftewards it was off to a friends' house where we made truffles and watched Game of Thrones!  So nice.  I rarely get to watch DVDs nowadays without working.  Anyway, back to making truffles, we made them but she and I were really tempted to just eat it out of the bowl!  Mmmmmmm..........

Kite Fish BW

 Illustration 147.  It was moving day yesterday at the new studio and it's looking spiffy.  Would especially like to thank my parents for helping out and for my mom reupholstering the ancient furniture.  It's starting to take shape and look like a studio now and am very happy with my space.  Thanks to Ben Hutcho too for helping out! The current fishie is in black and white cause am going to test this out at screenprinting class.  I will probably upload a colour version too once class is done!


Illustration 146 in a row.  It is moving day today to the studio and damn, I am tired!  It is also the wedding of my friends in Perth.  Congragulations to you guys! Sorry I couldn't be there. Anyway, much to do today.  Am hoping that everything goes well.


 Illustration 145 in a row.  I felt like doing a Jester/Harlequin today.  Drew it up really quickly with just pens and photoshopped it.  I have screen printing class today and am looking forward to it.  I've been having a lot of fun. This was last weeks wares... Behold my first screen printed shirt!  Tada!

Burnt Noodles

Illustration 144.  Soooooooo....when I first moved out, my place had the kitchen and the computers in the same I essentially developed the skills of cooking and working on the computer at the same time.  I now live in a new place and it is much bigger than my first.  Now the work room is in one end of the apartment and the kitchen is at the other end.  I still have the bad habit of leaving things boiling or in the oven.  In the old days, I would hear things and smell how things were cooking even though I had my back to it.  I now tend to forget about it instead.  Burnt noodles isn't my first disaster either.  I get so easily distracted by work or replying to emails.  I know I need to stay in the kitchen and wait for things to cook but.......bleh. Oh!  It worked out though, I ended up making delicious grilled soy chicken, mash potatoes and steamed broccoli.   I built my easel today....I had to improvise a bit....some of the screws didn't fit in I used a

IF: Vanity

Lucinda knew she was the prettiest kitty of them all.   Illustration 143 and my entry to Illustration Friday !  Felt like doing another swirly animal today.  Am feeling a lot more balanced out today which is great.  Got work done, saw a movie and chilled out with a friend and now am off to get more work done!  Whee!  Got to keep clients happy as a freelancer!   I also spent a good portion of today backing all my files from my desktop to an external hard drive.  Backing up is rather important for anyone that works on a computer.  It's a horrific feeling to have, losing files of works and not having any back up to it.  For all my computer dependent friends out there, hope you've backed up your files recently!

Throwing a Tantrum

Illustration 142 and hoo boy...did I have a day where things just didn't go right.   Ever had one of those days when you just get up in the morning and the day already felt wrong on the get go? Where you've just woken up annoyed by the very sun that's taking up space in the sky?  Then things get progressively worse during the day?  I just had one of those days.  That said, I calmed down and felt more together after some good company, cake and gym.  Hopefully tomorrow is a better day!

Snail Fish

Illustration 141.  I felt like drawing a Snail Fish.  Sketched it up and inked it at the studio today.  My friends (who am doing the studio thing with) were there too and we tore down all the drapes and curtains off the walls and bought a few supplies.  The place has a lot of drapes because it used to be a bridal store. Haven't done much work this weekend, which in a way is good.  I need to chill out from time to time.  Didn't make it to the gym though....hopefully tomorrow!

Cat Stare

Illustration 140.  Was at home most of today doing work and miscellaneous things here and there.  I actually slept in till 10am!  Watch me be all indulgent! I still haven't even taken out my brand new laptop out of the box.  Tsk, tsk.  I have been flat out with work and seeing people.  I need to head to the gym tomorrow in-between stuff and catching up with a friend. I am pretty pleased with this drawing.  I do love cats, though am slightly allergic to them. 

Meh Bunny

Illustration 139....soooo....I had a big night last night after the AIM screening and hanging out with Animation Folks is always fun.  That said, I am paying for it a lil bit today.  I think am going to take the day off and enjoy the sun while it's still available.....cause this weekend is suppose to be miserable weather-wise.  BoooO!  Do any of your guys find that awesome weather comes mostly during the working week and then it's crap on the weekend? I also have my new animated loop up! Please click on the picture and check out the animation and vote by clicking on the stars!   Battle Condom!

Staying Afloat

Illustration 138..and feeling a bit calmer today.  Got some stuff approved and awaiting feedback so I don't feel that I am under the pump as much.  Freelancing is a strange life.  You do tons of work but it is ages before you see the cash or even the end result of the product once it's all put together either in a video, series or through post. Heading to the gym at some point before screenprinting class today!   It should be fun!


Illustration 137th in a row.  My entry for Illustration Friday this week, the theme being "Silent".   You all know the phrase "zip it" right?  Sometimes it's better to say nothing at all. Geez...I am soooooooo tired. I have a bit on my plate at the moment when it comes to work and I am pretty happy as it will pay for everything (when I get paid of course, joys of a freelancer :P ).  I am a little frustrated that I can't get everything that I want done in a day.  No time to go to the gym today, rather annoyed, hoping I get a chance in the next few days. Tonight I sleep.  I need it.


136th illustration.  Sleeeeeeeeepy!!!!!!!!!  Today....was not so productive in terms of work...that said, I found a fish book for 1$ which will be a great reference for my fish bone drawings (bargain!), went to the studio and dropped some stuff off, found a short black wig for a costume party on Saturday and enjoyed the sun!  It was such a nice day today.  That said, tomorrow and tonight is all about worky work!  I have new stuff to work on....mmm...gotta gym it tomorrow too.  I also got the first script from my friend who am doing a short animation with.  Woo hoo!  It looks great too.  Mmmmm.....much to do, much to do....but what else is new?


Illustration 135!  I felt like drawing a Jerboa today. I like Jerboas.  Freaky little creatures but still so cute! A productive day today!  Finished the condom animation and it's now been sent to Daniel Luke for sound, done all my current footage for the pilot gig, both e-card briefs are awaiting client feedback and I made brownies for a friend who is coming over tonight!  All in all, a pretty darn good day.

Rainbow Fish

Illustration 134.  This was a request from a friend, to do a rainbow fish.  It was challenging as I prefer to only use a couple of colours or only have two main colour palettes being used..a rainbow has 7 colours and making sure it didn't look icky was the challenge. Went out with a couple of friends today and we came up with an idea for Tropfest.  Yup, I put another project on my plate.  Why not?!?!  I've always wanted to enter something at Tropfest and I definitely need to team up with people and it looks like I found a good group of friend.  Looking forward for everything to get finished.  I definitely have a lot on but I'm feeling good about it all!


Hello!  Illustration 133rd.  It was a good day today.  I finished cleaning up the first bit of my animation for loopdeloop, had enough sleep, saw a friend and had a good time, sketched another fish bone drawing, did quite a bit of work and figured some stuff out....all in all, a good fulfilling day. Thought it would be nice to try the bunny with a background today!

Rabbit Flight

Hello, hello!  This here is my 132scnd illustration.  Very pleased!  Not long now before I reach the 6 month goal on December 31 of drawing everyday. Today was a combination of work, working on my condom animation for this months loopdeloop and seeing friends and gym.  A full day and it's not over yet.  I had to do a real quick drawing today as I haven't finished cleaning up my animation yet.  Phew!  The days are just so busy and there aren't enough hours in them! Anyhoo, last night was my frist screen printing class!  I love it!  I had so much fun and I want to set a space at home for that sort of thing now!  Would be so cool...though I have no idea how to set up the table.  They have some sort of canvas table at the studio am in to absorb the ink.  So cool! Here are some of my very first prints! Tonight is a bit bunny themed! I do like my bunnies.  Anyway, yesterday was on a think white cloth using a stencil and doileys.  The stuff above is my first stencil


Illustration 131.  Okie this is a quick scribble (apologies, not my best)....I am now relaxing with a big cup of coffee before screen printing class.  Yup, am learning screen printing on top of everything else.  Hurray!  I was a bit drained today, had a lot of work that I needed to do and submit to various people.  Gah!  Most got good reviews so am pretty pleased with today's endeavours. Now, being a freelancer, I do try and say yes and do as many jobs as I possibly can. After all, I want to maintain that I am someone that clients can rely on, continue building a client base and truth be told, I do like working.  Not just for the money either...though it is awesome being able to pay rent and bills without freaking out about it, (more often than not anyway),  I do enjoy animating and designing and I am trying my darndest to continue making a living out of it. The thing is, I find, that it really is a feast or famine type of scenario.  Rarely is it anything in-between and though

Red Swirl Peacock

Illustration 130!  It's been a while since I did this style so here it is!  Today was all about work and trying to juggle different gigs.  I love having lots of stuff to do but it does do my head in occasionally.  I had to sleep earlier than normal yesterday just to re-charge a bit.  I don't have any deadlines at the moment.  Everything needs to be done ASAP.  Sigh.... I prefer deadlines.  Gives me something to focus on but on the other hand, I just need to work on whatever I feel like quickly and that will work too! My first screen printing class is tomorrow night!  I am rather excited!


Well....a lot has been happening lately.  Work, life, events, projects, it's been a bit insane to tell you the truth and it just amped up even more today.  It's Christmas time and people want stuff done and as a freelancer, I need to deliver.  Besides that, I have to work and save, got stuff to pay for, projects to do, upcoming studies and a condom to animate.  Feeling a tiny bit...freaked out at what needs to be done.  I also need to move stuff into the new studio.  Gah! Anyway, today's drawing was majorly rushed, it's been go, go, go since I got up.  Illustration 129.


Howdy!  This is illustration 128! Today was just so beautiful that I decided to spend a good few hours, after doing work this morning, outdoors at the local cafe.  They really want me to display something in there.  I am hoping to get around to printing and framing some works soon...or doing a big original canvas piece.   Thought I would draw a nicer fish as my parents and a few friends thought that yesterday's one was really quite scary.  So it's a Sunflower fish, something nice bright and happy....just like the weather today!  I also had heaps of work approved today for several jobs and I came up with a good idea for an animated condom loop !  Now to find the time to do it.... This week is all about work, gym and socializing as next week there's going to be a lot of moving into and fixing up at the the new studio!

IF: Stripes

Illustration 127 and dang, I am exhausted!  Not just from drawing the fish either.  I have been doing work pretty much all day.  That said, I went to the Camberwell Markets in the morning before work with a friend and had an awesome time.  I love thrift markets!  Full of both trash and treasure and I am pleased with MOST of my purchases.  Alas, two of the dresses I bought will be difficult to wear.  The disadvantage of these type of markets is that there are no dressing rooms.  Luckily, they were cheap! Now, this is my attempt of designing a candy cane fish.  I just started doing freelance work which are Christmas themed so the Christmas Holidays is definitely upon us!  I suspect, I will get last minute jobs demanding that everything be done by Christmas.  Always the way...better to be busy than have nothing to do though!  I am starting to stress out on how am going to move stuff to the studio.  I have a lot of stuff on and coordinating times with other people can be a bit aggravati


Howdy all!  It is Illustration number 126 in a row.  Another fishy!  My dad said he was missing seeing these guys so I decided to make one today.  One other thing, I wont be doing any Photoshop texturing on all these fishies.  It would seem that the majority of people just like them on a plain white background or something off white.  I guess you can't really see the detail when you put textures upon textures. Got the keys today for the studio that I will be in with a few friends this month!  Very exciting.  I am glad that work has also picked up so I can pay for all this.  Moving stuff around and settling always costs money.  I also bought a heavy duty laptop and that cost me a pretty penny.  It will be worth it though, being able to bring my work around so I don't have to be cooped up in the house all the time.  I can now do work at the studio, do some freelance work during lunchtime at school or just work at the local cafe to get some fresh air.  Summer is coming in Melbou

Candy Apple

Dunno why but I can't get candy apples out of my head.  Like am craving it or something.  Went out with the girls for an all you can eat Thai thing today and it was delish...but I feel like I need a big chunk of sweet to counteract all the fried food.  Ever get that oily taste in your mouth?  Well....I find that sweet stuff tends to get rid of that. I have more freelance stuff to do this weekend, one of those emergency jobs where it needs to be done ASAP.  So looks like am going to be rather busy the next few days.  Am hoping to be able to fit in gym...I have a lot of other social events happening too so work will need to be done in-between all that.  Should be fine...I probably won't be able to get much sleep though. More news...opening up a studio/shop with some comic artist friends shortly.  Should be interesting!  Least I wont always be working on my own.  A new laptop shall be delivered to me some time this month so I can now be mobile when I do work.  All very exciti

Blankie is warm...

Illustration 124today.  I totally struggled to get out of bed this morning and that's a rare thing.  I consider myself to be both a night owl and an early bird.  Sleep was never something I needed a lot of but the last few days, especially today, getting up has been extremely hard.  I will need a sleep in at some point methinks but I hate losing daylight hours.  There's always so much that needs to be done. For other news: I got my letter of offer from the 3D school I am planning to attend next year.  Woo hoo!!! Tomorrow is all about work and catching up with friends.  Going to try and finish another A3 fish bone drawing too!

Gloomy Bunny

Illustration 123 in a row.  Woke up feeling rather gloomy today.  It was raining and icky outside too, the weather kinda matched my mood I guess.  Was chatting to someone who seems to see nothing but my flaws and it saddens me and it's hard not to take it personally and the best thing I can do here is walk away for the moment.  Not really my style I admit.  I would rather end things permanently or repair a situation immediately, but I can't always do that.  People are complicated beings.

Flemington Races

Hello, hello! Illustration 122 in a row.  Today was a public holiday in Melbourne because of the Races and so there were a lot of fashionable ladies and gents roaming around the city today.  All the ladies have hats or fascinators on their heads and I thought I'd draw a hat that I would like to wear.  I would love a hat full of buildings, would be pretty cool, especially if little people came out to play. I drew this up while I was at a BBQ today with friends.  I am starting to struggle putting up decent drawings up on the blog.  I have been working on some A3 sized drawings, which am not posting up online, for a proper exhibition I want to do next year.  So creating finished pieces for that, work, socializing, gym, daily drawings and other miscellaneous projects is starting to burn me out.  I have been sleeping about 2-3 in the morning and waking up about 8:30 and it has started to take its toll.  I stayed up working on a fish bone drawing last night.  Tried to do some work yes