Lucky Cat of Love

Howdy!  An attempt of still life using nothing but staedtler pens (no pencils) and a lot of Photoshop help.  This is one of the figurines/trinkets I have at home and thought to draw it today while watching movies.  I like lucky cats.  I like what they represent and I enjoy having them around my place and areas where I do work.  I like the idea of lucky charms I guess.  I may design my own with rabbits and fish.  That is an idea.   An odd combination but fish and rabbits have been a major part of my artwork lately.  I think about them a lot.

A very chilled out day.  I need days like these to re-charge and power through during the week.  I have a lot to do as always, but I have been managing to juggle my time between work and fun.  A nice change from being on work mode all the time.


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