Hand Studies 06 (practicing)

Me doing the peace sign (drawn before gym)
me holding my watch that everyone finds so hideous (before gym)
Drawing Ben's hand on the table...took me a minute of rough sketch then had to fill it out (studio)
Me pointing (at the studio)
Drawing Ive's hand while he was drawing(studio)
Drawing Ive's hand resting on an angled table (studio)

Me holding my business card (studio)

Howdy!  I did more hand practice today.  Was good sketching before gym and a little bit at the studio before starting my zine.  Yup, I am starting a zine from scratch for the zine fair.  I made some pretty good headway today but will see how we go.  I need to see if I can finish it up very early next week if at all possible. 

I am getting faster sketching.  Ive and Ben were moving while I sketched their hands.  Trying to keep the shapes simple.  I want to practice on real hands first though before cartoonifying it.

Busy day tomorrow, but what else is new?  Feeling a lot more chilled as of late though!


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