Hand Studies 03 (practicing)

Me holding my coffee cup while waiting for a friend (left hand) in a foodcourt
Some guy was reading his kindle from afar at the foodcourt, thought I'd draw it but he kept moving so my hand perspective is a little wonky.
Drawing my left hand holding a pen
Drawing Rob's hand

Ah, forgot to put up a post before I left the house last night.  Whoopsie!  So here's the one for yesterday.  More hand practice!  Any suggestions or feedback?  Please feel free to send them my way.  In the meantime am going to be practicing as much as I can.  I usually have a sketch pad with me wherever I go but more so now. I tend to get some hand practice in-between events when am out and about.   Best way to get some practice in my busy schedule I think!

Think am going to need to start practicing backgrounds and props too....


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