Souvenir from Canada

This is a drawing of a souvenir I got from Canada when I travelled there in 2009.  I can't for the life of me remember what it represented or where in Canada I got it from.  Anyone know?  No pencils, all done with fineliners and then coloured in Photoshop.

I've been working most of the day and reading up on guppies.  My aquarium thermometer died this morning so went back to the pet shop to grab that and I also got more different types of food for my guppies (bloodworm and frozen shrimp brine).  I also got two more guppies while the tank is cycling! 

I am having some difficulty not overfeeding the fish.  I am still unsure when enough is enough.  They always seem ravenous.  Going to try to limit to two feedings a day.  The original two I have are definitely plumper than the two that I introduced in the tank today.  Don;t know if this is a good thing though.


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