Squishface First Birthday!

The crowd at our birthday party!

My parents (thank you for bringing the cake and the coconut macaroons!)

Squishface Crowd
Ive posing for the camera!

David, the manliest man behind the BBQ
The crowd outside

The cake my parents brought for our birthday!  YUM!

The lighting of the candle

The cutting of the cake!

The party is still going after 8:00pm..


Dave and Rob pose for the camera

Hello, hello!  Yesterday was Squishface first year anniversary!  It was a lot of fun.  Full of food, alcohol, merriment, cake and a barbecue!  It was Australia Day after all too and we can't be celebrating without a traditional barbecue.

It has been a very big year with Squishface.  We've had exhibitions, had tables at different comic and zine events,most of us went to comics camp and met many other creatives in the same or similar fields.  Drawing nights are still held on the first Wednesday of every month.  We also had Ladies Night ( men are welcome to attend )on the last Thursday  of every month where a female creative would speak about their experiences.  We've had people come and go at the studio and it's been fun and interesting seeing how different mixes of artists work.

I've had a blast with Squishface this year and am hoping it will last for many more years to come.


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