IF: Edge

She stood on the edge of the edge of the knife

Howdy!  My submission to Illustration Friday this week!  The theme was Edge. I did this one with staedler fine liners and Copic markers with a bit of Photoshop.

It's going to be a very busy month methinks with freelance, events and exhibitions, which is great!  Though...if I will have enough time to do everything without going mad, this is the question.. I have a few jobs all due at the end of this month, the Squishface birthday party is towards the end of this month and there is an exhibition I want to enter and am hoping to get a loopdeloop animation done all due towards the end of this month.  I always wonder why all my deadlines seem to land at the same time.  Oh, I also need to get started on a zine due February and start studying another program for an upcoming job.  2013 is looking very hectic, very hectic indeed!  It's going to be awesome though!


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