Entry: 8th annual contemporary art prize entry

Hello!  I entered a piece to this exhibition which is on tomorrow!  It's going to be very, very packed I think as there's about 60 artists displaying.  I think it should be a good night though!  I will be displaying the mecha catfish I finished a week or two ago.  I hope it is received well.  It will be displaying at the Brunswick Arts Space.

I also went to the aquarium today and bought an air pump and an air stone to keep the water aerated and also bought some premium fish food that has garlic to help with the fishies digestion and if they have any parasites in them.  The medications available may be too strong for my guppies and it may actually kill them.  My goodness....fish keeping is an expensive hobby and the funny thing here is that the buying of the fish is the least of my expenses.  I don't regret it though and am hoping to be quite knowledgeable in this and less stressed before the year is out.  I really enjoy aquascaping too. 


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