Hand Studies 05 (practicing)

Me holding a salt shaker
Left hand holding a piece of toast
Spoonful of butter!

Howdy!  More hand sketches.  Been trying to just get the basic construction instead of looking at my hand constantly and then filling out the details.  I am also trying to pay more attention to my angles and curves.  The nails are giving me a hard time as well as some hand poses (the holding toast one was difficult).  Trying to also simplify the hands while making sure that the gesture and hand formation is still clear.  I guess am trying to slowly make my way to hands that are more stylized and cartoonified.  

I had one hour tute last week, with my friend Ben Grimshaw....on hand construction.  I have heaps of books but sometimes, it's just easier to watch someone draw something for me to absorb the information.

Been monitoring the behaviours of my fish....did my first water change too....


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