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New Year, New 2013 Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!  Well, 2013 has officially begun and I am looking forward to this year.  There is a lot going on and a lot of new things which were remnants of last year.  I actually wrote up my goals at the beginning at 2012 and can be found at this post.  To recap...I pretty much managed to achieve everything on the list, except one...I never did get to play with resin and I suspect I won't be able to for a while yet.  Resin is messy and needs ventilation while being in a closed space.  Not likely where I live or in the studio am currently in.  Ah well.

There are so many things that I want to achieve this year so am racking my brains on what would be possible.  Things will get very busy before mid-year and I do have high goals but it has to be possible to attain them.

There are a couple of goals from last year I am continuing on this year:

1) Blog post of some description every day.  I had 366 posts last year....was there an extra day I did not know about?  Or did I post an extra?

2) Continue on with fitness and a healthy eating lifestyle.  I am fitter and happier with my body and physical capabilities than I was when I was younger and I want to continue training this year.  Proper pull-ups and one legged squats, lifting more than my own body weight, looking good in a super hero costume for cosplay...all that jazz!

3) Be even more conscientious with money.  I wasn't bad...but I certainly wasn't that good either.  I really do need to cook more at home and not burn it!  Certainly continue not to extend myself financially, especially when I have certain financial goals I want to reach.

4) Again, don't let anyone , if I can possibly help it, get in the way of goals...financially, physically and mentally.


1) Okay, so am biting the bullet and practicing drawing hands.  I suck at it and have always sucked at it and I need to put a stop to that.  I would also like to draw up backgrounds and props but hands are what I want to focus on especially.

2) Learning Maya on my own.  I did really well at 3D school and considering that I was only giving the best I could with the time I had rather than my actual best, I am pretty proud. That said, I never want to freelance and study full-time ever again.  I almost went insane.  I want to have 10 modelled backgrounds (indoor/outdoor) , complete with props by the end of the year.

3) Submit to Illustration Friday every week.  It will force me to illustrate once a week and with a theme, it will stay interesting.

4) Work on pieces for a solo exhibition.  I did a lot of group exhibitions in 2012 and I will be continuing with that, and not necessarily with fish bones either  but I would like to create fish bone pieces for a solo exhibition at some point.  Perhaps for 2014?

5) Do another 10 km run.  Or some run or obstacle course before the year is out.  I felt a major sense of achievement last time and I want to feel that again...maybe try to beat my time?  That would be awesome!

6)  I have to finish one of the Comics/Zines on my list: I have a fish bone comic I was working on, a Zine of sweets, comicstrips of violent stuff, comics/strips/illustration of quite a few Home Economic disasters...and quite a few is putting it lightly.  I need to finish at least one this year!  At least one!

7)  I need to go through my art books.  I have so many and especially ones on Digital painting.  It will come handy for 3D and make me a better illustrator in Photoshop.

8)  I really, really need to sort out my wardrobe.  I've been saying it for ages.  I 've been saying it for at least 6 months now.  I want to give the clothes to charity and to make room for new clothes...that fit!

9) Now I also want to create an animation for loopdeloop every month as well but this goal may be pushing it.  So am going to try my darndest but not beat myself up too badly if I don't achieve it.

10) Secret again.  Oh...and I managed to achieve last year's goal number 10 as well ;)

Now...aside from rocking the freelance world and continuing on being a freelancer that delivers...that's pretty much it!

Looking forward to 2013, and hoping that my family and friends, loved ones and myself have an awesome, safe and very fruitful  and exciting year too!

If you are reading this and don;t know me personally, then I hope that you too have an amazing 2013.

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