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Game 37 Round 01: Ugg Boots

I am not sure what happened to this drawing.  It turned out pretty random.  The cat was suppose to be in a dumpling costume but my partner, Rob, thinks it looks more like an onion. Mmm...not much to report today except that I had time to clean up the house and draw a new chocolate package.  That always makes me happy!  Now that it's June 30, am about to take stock of certain things since we're now halfway through the year and it's something I want to start doing.  Seeing how much I've accomplished in 2016.  That said, before that, I need to do some baking!  Rob is out of brownies to take to work tomorrow!

Frosty Fun

Hi!  Here's a new one I made for my Redbubble store and for myself, really.  I felt like drawing squirrels and this came about.  I think it turned out really well.  The initial drawing was actually finished last Saturday, then touch ups late last night and finally had the chance to edit and color it today.  I actually had to touch it up a bit.  I had to make a lot of changes like extending branches and filling out the missing parts of squirrels and chipmunks digitally...not to mention the tree! I also worked on a Kookyrabbit post today. Tomorrow, am going to finish a small freelance job and...draw more of my own stuff until the next job (it's been delayed) makes an appearance!

Kookyrabbit 1 year Anniversary July 09

Hi all!  So, on July 09 will be one whole year that Kookylane and I have been playing our illustration ping pong game on tumblr.  I'm actually running an Urban Sketch event that morning and then I will be heading to her place and spending the night there doing a drawing marathon to celebrate the 1 year.  The should be some videos and pictures documenting the event!  Follow the Kookyrabbit page to keep up to date! For other news, I finished my third toddler book today, have some more freelance tomorrow and then I just want a day to concentrate on sorting out some illustrations on my Redbubble Store .  Right now, am working on my kookyrabbit entry for tonight.

Game 36 Round 10: Munch!

Hallo!  Today was spent doing stuff with me new machine and I have started on my latest e-book illustration job. I am hoping to finish it tomorrow and fingers crossed to spend sometime this week practicing watercolors ( I am super rusty) and updating and revamping my Redbubble store.  I have a few images that are not appropriate on some products and I need to address that. Speaking of Redbubble stuff, am going to turn this one into a shirt after some editing!  I did this for the latest mepxy marker comp and for Kookyrabbit . Now, I'll be working on my book, I think!  In between TV.

Game 36 Round 08: Team Goat

Hi!  Today was a drawing filled day today!  Did some Urban Sketching, did the blacfk and white piece for another print, I currently need to finish my kookyrabbit entry for tonight though.  Oops.  Anyhow, this was one I did a few days ago for game 36 (all done now) and sorting out computer stuff.  I've updated my equipment.  Yay! Always good fun.

Game 36 Round 06: Weirdness

I am not sure what I was thinking when I drew this.  It went to a weird place.  Anyway, working at a studio and it's going well! Pretty busy though and not a whole lot of time to chat.  All my roughs got approved last night and I have quite a bit of work to do on Sunday.  Can't really do much tomorrow since am urban sketching!

Game 36 Round 04: It's noodle time!

Well...the day isn't over but it's already been very busy.  I got feedback for the animation I did and it's all good.  I completed and submitted my second toddler book and that's all approved and the client has given me a third book to illustrate.  Hurrah! I will be animating at a studio tomorrow, so that shall be really busy too.  Right now, I've just finished uploading another piece to my Redbubble shop ( Rob really liked this piece and strongly suggested that I put it up), fixed up the banner that's going to announce the 1 year anniversary of Kookyrabbit and am about to start the roughs for my third book.  Hopefully submit all of the roughs tonight since am on another job tomorrow.  Busy, busy, busy! The piece above, was from the last game on Kookyrabbit.  All done digitally.  It's my turn to start off the new game (number 37) later tonight.  I figured I can work on that  while watching Master Chef.  Yup.  My break time involves putting Master Chef

Game 36 Round 02: "Running"

Hi!  This is game 36 on Kookyrabbit!  Astri drew a peacock and I decided on a goat.  Our 1 year anniversary of playing this game is coming up soon.  We're doing a marathon drawing night at her place on July 09.  Should be great fun.  Busy week thus far, am almost done with this second book.  I should submit everything before lunch time tomorrow and then I have studio work on Friday working on an animation gig, staying the night at my friend's place in the city since I have urban sketching first thing Saturday morning and then Rob will come and join me in the city in the afternoon/ early evening.  I am hoping to finish all work by lunch time so that I can finish off another illustration for redbubble and I also have to do some social media stuff for Kookyrabbit.  I've gotten plenty of jobs based on original illustrations I did for fun (the current toddler books I'm working on is a good example of that).  It's been good having clients screen cap a drawing, sen


Hi!  This one is on my redbubble shop and it's doing very well indeed!  I drew it traditionally and colored it in Photoshop.  There are two types of firetail finches here: diamond and red-eared.  I love finches and there are plenty more to draw!  I have a lot of options of birds and furry creatures that would look great on products and as a stand- alone illustration. Been enjoying exercising with my wii fit!  It feels good to be doing some form of exercise again.  I need to do more though since it's hardly intense like my old training regime. For other new, all the roughs to my current toddler book has been approved and I've already started and finished a few final pages.  I am hoping to finish it all off tomorrow or at the latest, Thursday!  I have a few other things that am doing on Friday and there's urban sketching on Saturday!  Still no feedback or news on the animation scenes I submitted yesterday...

Kitty Madness!

Hi!  I drew this design about a week ago and it's done very well on my Redbubble store , especially in the clothing department. Please check it out!  It's available on a myriad of products!  Drawn traditionally and colored digitally. Today was a productive day for work.  Finished two animations and did the preliminary roughs for a book am working on.  Hoping to submit that tomorrow morning by 9:30-10:00.  So it might take me a while tonight or I need to get up rather early tomorrow morning.  Ah well, see how I feel like after dinner and some exercise.  I've started using the Wii Fit again to get fit.  I have forgotten how much fun it can be.  Gonna do some yoga tonight!

Game 35 Round 09

Last round for Game 35!  I have a couple of new drawings to post up before putting up the next batch of Kookyrabbit. Today was a day of chores and I finished off one job.  Hurrah!  I am very pleased about that.  Perhaps I should get onto another job before the night is over.  I have a choice of stuff I might want to do tomorrow and started on a new animal design idea too.  See how that goes!  Tomorrow, I need to do some animations and work on the roughs of a new toddler book.  Perhaps I should do the roughs first?  We shall see...

Game 35 Round 07: Swimming Adventures!

Hi!  The continuation of all my drawings on Game 35 Kookyrabbit !  The day started of pretty slow today.  That's what happens when you sleep in I guess!  I did manage to get two drawings done.  One for my redbubble shop and the other was a submission for my turn on Kookyrabbit today.  I am now going to get some work done.  There are two pieces I can fand draw so am probably going to get onto that first and then I have some real simple ones that i need to do digitally.  Not sure if I will get everything done today but i will certainly get it all done for submission come Monday!  Oh, I got feedback for the animation job I did yesterday.  All good and I got two more scenes to work on!  To sum up, I need to get a job done by end of Monday (realistically everything needs to be submitted on Monday since I have other jobs), another toddler book and animation.  I also might be at a studio this week since I wasn't called in last week.  Yay for lots of work!  I know that I norma

Game 35 Round 05: Yummy Coconut Juice

Oh....this is so not the weather right now over here in Melbourne.  So cold!  I did this image for Kookyrabbit .  Cute little guy, isn't he?  He was rather popular so am hoping to put him up on my Redbubble shop.  Not too long now am sure! I want to put up some new work this weekend. I am almost done with one of my illustration jobs and I picked up another short story to illustrate.  Hurray!  I am pretty pleased about that.  Looking forward to working on it too.  No feedback about the animations I submitted last night.  I hope it's all good. Well, think am gonna have a shower and do some drawing and red bubbling for tonight!  Maybe some work.  Maybe.

Game 35 Round 03: Found something!

Hi!  Another one for Kookyrabbit !  This was from the last game.  We're already working our way through Game 36! Busy day today.  This time I was animating.  I got my two scenes done and just submitted them, so yay!  I also submitted more illustration work but haven't received feedback for those yet, which I find odd since my contact there is normally so quick to respond.  Oh well.  Am sure it's all good. Right now, I have to prepare for tomorrow since I have a reunion at Squishface.  Whee!  A time to catch up.  We even have a member that will be visiting from Canberra, so it's going to be a good day.  It's not all fun and games though since I am bringing my work with me. A lot of my stuff can be done traditionally after all.

Game 35 Round 01: Splashy splash!

Hi!  I drew this up for Kookyrabbit some time last week.  She was a lot of fun to do and I drew her up during my break at a studio job. Speaking of goodness, has it ramped up or what?!? I managed to finish my book job today and submit it and as soon as i hit the submit button, the animation job lands and I already need to have the first couple of shots done by Friday.  I am still working now on another illustration gig, to make time to animate without interruption tomorrow.  Crazy, but this is how I like it!  I also finished about 20 illustration for the job due on Monday and am still going.  I am hoping to finish inking another 6 tonight.  Wish me luck!  I have to get back to it! Oh, the client loved the book I illustrated and submitted today. So..yay!  I should be able to show that one it's been published online as it's an e-book.

Urban Sketching: Self Preservation

Hi!  So I did this drawing on June 04 with a couple of good urban sketching friends of mine!  A lovely day spent out and about...drawing and eating!  I think am getting fat from all the goodies.  A pity that simultaneously drawing and exercising don't mix.  My eating habits have been atrocious lately.  Might be time to pull out a food diary again. Today was a super busy day.  I drew up 13 new illustration and had to adjust the three I was working on  yesterday.  Pretty tiring I got to say and it's not over yet!  I have to do at least 15-20 tomorrow for a job that's due on Monday.  Insane!  I may even be working in-house as an animator later this week too.  Not confirmed yet but it's always tricky juggling a lot of stuff and I can't do much work if am working in-house elsewhere. Oh well.  It's going to be a bit tiring over the next few days...

Urban Sketching: Two Birds Cafe

Hi!  So I managed to draw this last week when I had some down time.  It's a lovely little cafe near one of the studios I work at.  They have great pancakes and coffee! doesn't look like am going to have much down time at all over the next few days.  I have a lot of work on for the next couple of weeks....the first deadline being next Monday already.  This week is suppose to be busy with 2 other jobs coming on top of what I have already.  Madness!  That said, I will do my best to get everything done!  I can't remember the last time I ever missed a deadline...I rather not start.  Anyway, after the first two get done and the third is a super short gig, am sure it will be all fine.......fingers crossed.

Urban Sketching: Drawing cosplayers and interesting folk at Oz Comincon 2016

Hi!  This all happened yesterday Saturday June 11 2016.  It was an awesome day, full of drawing, food and good company.  I was the organizer for the Melbourne Urban Sketchers for this event and I am happy to say that everyone present seemed to enjoy their time, a lot.  So, yay! I thought,t hat given the interesting folk at the con, that it would be better to draw the people. The building will always be there but not the people, so thought to draw the folks this time.  It was fun and challenging because people kept moving.  It did get easier the more I did it but I kept going but I didn't get one realistic face all day, I went straight back to my default drawing style, since I had to draw so quickly!  Good practice though.  Perhaps I should do more? Here are some pics from the con!  By Erik Sentell and myself. Me and Evelyn! photo by Erik Sentell photo by Erik Sentell Erik with our cosplaying sketchers! GROUP SHOT photo b

Face doodle: Jean

Hi!  A face doodle I did last month and just haven't posted, thought I would call her Jean.  A productive day today as I finished and submitted all the roughs for a short story am working on and it all got approved.  Yay! Now I need to clean it up, do the final treatment and submit as soon as I can before another possible job lands.  We shall see, fingers crossed that I get another book as well.  I do like illustrating stories.  Quite a bit of fun! Tomorrow, am the organizer of an Urban Sketch meetup and will need to be in the city early.  It's going to be quite the drawing day!  I's suppose to be freezing too and I don;t look forward to that...

Product Design Study: Pocky (original)

Hi!  I actually drew this about two weeks ago now.  Drawing packages is always good practice and very relaxing for me.  I think I tend to draw packages when am feeling rusty or needing to chill. I've been illustrating a lot during my lunch break and for Kookyrabbit , as well as urban sketching that I have a few things backlogged.  Which has been great!  I've been drawing for fun during my free time and after I finish my work.  I am currently illustrating for two different jobs and have an animation job starting shortly.  I also have a small 2 day short animation job some time next week that I will be working on.  Lots of stuff happening and it's been pretty cool!  Finding the time to juggle everything though, that's the kicker.  I keep trying to update my redbubble site too in-between.  I put up a new design today!  Fingers crossed that it is liked!

Package Design Study: Mars (and the snickers) package

Hi!  I haven't done a package design in a while and need to do that again! Hope you all like it!  Today...I did some freelance illustration work, cores,  put up more redbubble designs (please check it out!) and another drawing for Kookyrabbit.  I will also be working in-house tomorrow.  Should be good fun!

face doodle: Alexis

Hi!  How goes it?   I did this face doodle last week during my break at work.  I named her Alexis.  She looks like an Alexis, to me.  Faber Castell brush pens, Uniball gel pens and a fineliner. I've spent a good deal of the day putting new work up onto my Redbubble site, though  I'm thinking of deleting a few images that are currently on there.  I don't think they represent me as an artist anymore.  I was also going to hunt for more work to do too but I got contacted by one of my employers and it looks like I'll be jumping onto another project after the one this week!  Yay!  More on that later. What else did I do today...I did some freelance illustration work...but am disappointed that I didn't get to draw anything new today.  I must sort that out tomorrow!

Product Design Study: Snickers

Hi!  I felt like drawing up some packages about a week ago or so now and here's one of them! Rob got to eat the chocolate afterwards. I spent the last few days chilling out so it's been great.  I've still been working on an illustration job but not stressfuly. Working from home tomorrow, which should be good! Sorting out a few things! Today, I sorted out some of my hard copy illustration folios, emailed some folks, baked brownies, chores and some illustration work.  Rob and I also watched a few movies together. All in all, a very relaxing day!