Hi!  This one is on my redbubble shop and it's doing very well indeed!  I drew it traditionally and colored it in Photoshop.  There are two types of firetail finches here: diamond and red-eared.  I love finches and there are plenty more to draw!  I have a lot of options of birds and furry creatures that would look great on products and as a stand- alone illustration.

Been enjoying exercising with my wii fit!  It feels good to be doing some form of exercise again.  I need to do more though since it's hardly intense like my old training regime.

For other new, all the roughs to my current toddler book has been approved and I've already started and finished a few final pages.  I am hoping to finish it all off tomorrow or at the latest, Thursday!  I have a few other things that am doing on Friday and there's urban sketching on Saturday!  Still no feedback or news on the animation scenes I submitted yesterday...


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