Game 35 Round 01: Splashy splash!

Hi!  I drew this up for Kookyrabbit some time last week.  She was a lot of fun to do and I drew her up during my break at a studio job.

Speaking of goodness, has it ramped up or what?!? I managed to finish my book job today and submit it and as soon as i hit the submit button, the animation job lands and I already need to have the first couple of shots done by Friday.  I am still working now on another illustration gig, to make time to animate without interruption tomorrow.  Crazy, but this is how I like it!  I also finished about 20 illustration for the job due on Monday and am still going.  I am hoping to finish inking another 6 tonight.  Wish me luck!  I have to get back to it!

Oh, the client loved the book I illustrated and submitted today. So..yay!  I should be able to show that one it's been published online as it's an e-book.


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