Game 35 Round 07: Swimming Adventures!

Hi!  The continuation of all my drawings on Game 35 Kookyrabbit!  The day started of pretty slow today.  That's what happens when you sleep in I guess!  I did manage to get two drawings done.  One for my redbubble shop and the other was a submission for my turn on Kookyrabbit today.  I am now going to get some work done.  There are two pieces I can fand draw so am probably going to get onto that first and then I have some real simple ones that i need to do digitally.  Not sure if I will get everything done today but i will certainly get it all done for submission come Monday! 

Oh, I got feedback for the animation job I did yesterday.  All good and I got two more scenes to work on!  To sum up, I need to get a job done by end of Monday (realistically everything needs to be submitted on Monday since I have other jobs), another toddler book and animation.  I also might be at a studio this week since I wasn't called in last week.  Yay for lots of work!  I know that I normally have a lot on my plate but I really do enjoy it.  Now...that's all my social media obligations for tonight and I am off to do work!


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