Game 35 Round 03: Found something!

Hi!  Another one for Kookyrabbit!  This was from the last game.  We're already working our way through Game 36!

Busy day today.  This time I was animating.  I got my two scenes done and just submitted them, so yay!  I also submitted more illustration work but haven't received feedback for those yet, which I find odd since my contact there is normally so quick to respond.  Oh well.  Am sure it's all good.

Right now, I have to prepare for tomorrow since I have a reunion at Squishface.  Whee!  A time to catch up.  We even have a member that will be visiting from Canberra, so it's going to be a good day.  It's not all fun and games though since I am bringing my work with me. A lot of my stuff can be done traditionally after all.


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