Game 36 Round 04: It's noodle time!

Well...the day isn't over but it's already been very busy.  I got feedback for the animation I did and it's all good.  I completed and submitted my second toddler book and that's all approved and the client has given me a third book to illustrate.  Hurrah! I will be animating at a studio tomorrow, so that shall be really busy too.  Right now, I've just finished uploading another piece to my Redbubble shop ( Rob really liked this piece and strongly suggested that I put it up), fixed up the banner that's going to announce the 1 year anniversary of Kookyrabbit and am about to start the roughs for my third book.  Hopefully submit all of the roughs tonight since am on another job tomorrow.  Busy, busy, busy!

The piece above, was from the last game on Kookyrabbit.  All done digitally.  It's my turn to start off the new game (number 37) later tonight.  I figured I can work on that  while watching Master Chef.  Yup.  My break time involves putting Master Chef on and cooking or drawing in front of the TV! smash out these roughs!


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