Urban Sketching: Self Preservation

Hi!  So I did this drawing on June 04 with a couple of good urban sketching friends of mine!  A lovely day spent out and about...drawing and eating!  I think am getting fat from all the goodies.  A pity that simultaneously drawing and exercising don't mix.  My eating habits have been atrocious lately.  Might be time to pull out a food diary again.

Today was a super busy day.  I drew up 13 new illustration and had to adjust the three I was working on  yesterday.  Pretty tiring I got to say and it's not over yet!  I have to do at least 15-20 tomorrow for a job that's due on Monday.  Insane!  I may even be working in-house as an animator later this week too.  Not confirmed yet but it's always tricky juggling a lot of stuff and I can't do much work if am working in-house elsewhere. Oh well.  It's going to be a bit tiring over the next few days...


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