Product Design Study: Pocky (original)

Hi!  I actually drew this about two weeks ago now.  Drawing packages is always good practice and very relaxing for me.  I think I tend to draw packages when am feeling rusty or needing to chill.

I've been illustrating a lot during my lunch break and for Kookyrabbit, as well as urban sketching that I have a few things backlogged.  Which has been great!  I've been drawing for fun during my free time and after I finish my work.  I am currently illustrating for two different jobs and have an animation job starting shortly.  I also have a small 2 day short animation job some time next week that I will be working on.  Lots of stuff happening and it's been pretty cool!  Finding the time to juggle everything though, that's the kicker.  I keep trying to update my redbubble site too in-between.  I put up a new design today!  Fingers crossed that it is liked!


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