face doodle: Alexis

Hi!  How goes it?   I did this face doodle last week during my break at work.  I named her Alexis.  She looks like an Alexis, to me.  Faber Castell brush pens, Uniball gel pens and a fineliner.

I've spent a good deal of the day putting new work up onto my Redbubble site, though  I'm thinking of deleting a few images that are currently on there.  I don't think they represent me as an artist anymore.  I was also going to hunt for more work to do too but I got contacted by one of my employers and it looks like I'll be jumping onto another project after the one this week!  Yay!  More on that later.

What else did I do today...I did some freelance illustration work...but am disappointed that I didn't get to draw anything new today.  I must sort that out tomorrow!


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