Nervous Little Fox Girl

 Day 40 of illustrating straight and this was not the illustration I was planning to put up today.  I had one that I was working on but I haven't finished it yet and am not sure that I will have time to finish it before going out to dinner so I made this quick one instead.  Copic fineliners and coloured in photoshop.

With this drawing everyday exercise, I find that sometimes I need to rush home while am out and try to upload a drawing before midnight so am trying to be a bit wiser with my time so I can enjoy being out without needing to rush back.

Anyway, this one is a change of pace from the violent ones I've been putting up lately.  The one I was working on today is in the same line as the other two.  A friend suggested that I try and do a comic using the violent characters I have been coming up with...I just might....