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Possesive Bunny

Sometimes....I don't feel like sharing and I get a tiny bit territorial.  Am sure we all do.  I don't like acts of selfishness at the best of times but I do need to do it for myself every now and then.  Taking the time or taking the pleasure on things I  have either earned or have been given and really enjoying it.  Not everything needs to be given away or shared all the time.  Sometimes we all need something to call our own. I was bit naughty yesterday.  I had two rounds of desserts last night.  Very bad...  but so enjoyable.  The screening at the Fringe Festival went really well too!  Very happy about that. Day 90 of drawing everyday and this entire piece was done in Flash.


Day 89 of illustrating everyday.  I have been feeling rather emotional the last few days and today was particularly bad.  I guess it was a combination of being stuck at home because of the miserable weather we had here in Melbourne today and being alone and working for hours and hours.  I find myself thinking a lot about my life, myself and my past and only I could change a few things. I am naturally reactionary and open with my emotions and I have gotten better with controlling and suppressing things but it takes a lot of effort and it simply does not come naturally to me so it eventually bursts out elsewhere eventually. I sometimes feel that it makes me less of a person because of that.  Less of an adult.  I don't think this is the case but I have felt that way because of the way certain people have reacted to me and I know that no one can make me feel inferior unless I let them and no one has lately, but the past is a funny thing and past experiences can

IF: Ferocious

This is my Ferocious Fish.  I wanted to submit something to Illustration Friday this week.  The fish looks pretty ferocious right?  Or is the bunny undermining its ferocity? My headspace has been a bit weird the last few days...might be why I have started coming up with these images.  I keep seeing fishbones in my head and am not sure why. Work is going rather well.  Getting great feedback on the shots am doing and it's a real confidence booster.  That said, I know my weak points and I really need to sit down and fix those.  I don't like being weak in anything if I can help it. Day 88 of drawing everyday.  Done with Copic Pens, Copic Fineliners and textured in Photoshop.

Rubber Ducky Hat

Man....I would like a Rubber Ducky Hat....if only I could sew what I draw!  If only I had the patience to learn how to make hats....alas I do not. A good day of work today, pounded out a cool action shot which I am rather pleased with.  Just a few more touch ups and it is done!  Aside from work not much has happened today....poor old boring productive me.  :P Anyhoo, it is now Day 87 of drawing everyday and this was done with Copic Fineliners and coloured into Photoshop!


I went to the cafe/bar again and met up with some comic friends to do some drawing after the gym and this is what I came up with.  I sat down, started doodling and ended up with a porcelain type fish with a rabbit on top of it's head.  An image pops into my head and I draw it...can't really explain some of the drawings anymore. Day 86 of drawing everyday already!  So close to a hundred, it's insane!  Been drawing straight for this long, fricking cool.  This is done with Copic fineliners and coloured with Copic Pens and a bit of playing around in Photoshop. So there is a special animation screening of the animated themed Loops I've been submitting every month to loopdeloop !  They're showing 3 of mine so am rather pleased with that.  That said, it's funny what people seem to like more when I animate or illustrate.  Always the ones that have taken me the least amount of effort is what people really seem to like.  It confuses and irritates me from time to time

Cat Yawn

Day 85 of illustrating everyday!  I went hiking in Sherbrooke forest yesterday and it was a lot of fun.  I didn't find the hike particularly difficult despite the incline but my behind sore or what?!? Did some work this weekend and am hoping to get a very big chunk done on Tuesday.  I am hoping to find more gigs along the way too.  It will make me feel more at ease.  I have a lot of friends that seem to be jumping out off the industry, working on jobs they don't like or don't fulfill them creatively or are thinking about doing it.  I would like to keep drawing and animating as much as I can and stay in this industry and more importantly keep my current lifestyle and I think I could have easily done that if it wasn't for a circumstance that well and truly diminished my chances financially.  So we shall see how I go.  I will do what needs to be done and if that means baking cookies for a living and doing art on the be it.  I just fel

Flower Lady

Day 84 of illustrating everyday.  I just got back from a hike today and there were all these pretty blue flowers on the ground so I thought I'd draw some up for today's image.  Also felt like drawing a face so I did that too! Anyhoo, things have been going well but I have started to try and find more work again.  I still have stuff on but as a freelancer I need to keep moving several steps ahead and not to mention planning several things ahead.  I love this life and the flexibility but it sure can get stressful! I have my animation screening on Tuesday and Thursday night at two different venues!  If you haven't seen it yet please check it out and give me some stars if you like it! Today's illustration was done in Flash.

Fox and Chocolates

Day 83 of illustrating everyday!  Doing a difficult actionpacked shot at the moment and am pretty happy about it.  Got a few things to fix-up but it's going to look awesome!  Hehehe, sorry, some scenes make me excited. Looking forward to the weekend!  Fun and work!  Illustration today was all done in Flash.

Cafe Sketch

Day 82 of illustrating everyday!  This is something I drew up at the cafe/bar I go to in the city,  There was a couple playing battleship across me and I thought to draw them.  They kept moving though as you do so that was interesting as I usually do life drawing with people just sitting still. Anyhoo, things have been pretty good and am just enjoying things as they come.  I have also been listening to Kitchen Nightmares and Hells Kitchen while working.  I love Gordon Ramsay!!! 

Dragon Kitty

A friend of mine is in Japan at the moment and I saw on his Facebook page that he won a stuff toy that was across between a dragon and a cat and I thought it looked so cute and awesome that I had to draw it! I baked brownies today.  I love baking, the smell of the kitchen and sometimes the entire house is just divine.  Mmmmm..... that said I don't like baking if am the only one whose going to eat my wares because I will get fat!  I went to America once and I saw all these lotions and shampoos that have the scent of cookie dough, bubble gum, cheesecake....I wonder if they're still selling it.  Not too sure how I would feel smelling like pastry all day though.... For other news my new animated Loop for this month is up!  Please have a look and vote by clicking on a star!  The link is:  Thanks in advance!  Today is Day 81 of illustrating everyday.  The piece is drawn entirely in Flash.

Guy reading

Day 80 of illustrating everyday. I just felt so uninspired.  Managed to get a little bit of work done but not as much compared to when am really feeling it.  Ah well, we all have days like this and am glad that mine comes rarely.  The good news is, the house is clean since I kept going off to do that when a file wasn't working.  I remembered this guy when I was waiting for a friend to meet me a few days ago.  He had awesome hair I thought.  Done in Flash!

Too Cute!!!!!

Howdy everyone!  Day 79 of illustrating everyday...thought I'd draw these characters again and see if I could improve on the style just for fun.  I draw so many different things and characters, sometimes it's nice to develop existing designs and see how much cuter they can get!  I just felt like drawing something cute.  For those who are curious...the cat is biting the bunny's ear.  Done in Flash. Pretty much spent all of today working, it was a nice and sunny day too.  I prefer to be stuck indoors working in front of a computer when there is a storm out and am sure most people think that...unless you do outdoor work... People, myself included, think too much of the future or the past and not really taking the time to enjoy the present.  We can plan all we want for the future, knowing very well that the decisions in the present "could" affect it but am sure most people have had the experience of a monkey wrench being thrown into those plans by some unforeseen

Swirly Tail

Day 78 of illustrating everyday.  The image just came to my head so I just drew it!  I don't draw enough animals I think, I always prefer to draw people.  I guess it's because I am not surrounded by pets or animals at all and I didn't grow up with pets being a major influence in my life.  I do find them fun to draw though.  I miss life drawing, I should get back into it but as it is, I find that there just isn't enough time in the day for everything.  I still need to get my loop animation done for this month.  Eep! The weekend has been awesome thus far!  Looking forward to what this week might bring. Done with copic fineliners and coloured in Photoshop

Nixon...sort of

So I was at the bar/cafe thing again last night with a couple of comic book artist friends.  They were both drawing Nixon when I arrived.  Apparently the owner of the bar has a thing for the dude so I joined in.  My first attempt was terrible, I was using a pencil and being far too precious with it and this was my second attempt.  No pencils just straight on pen.  It was a lot more fun to do it the second time around.  I don't think I have his face right though....not enough jowels. Day 77 of drawing everyday!


Life is full of really, it is.  Several events have transpired over the last few weeks that I never saw coming and as much as I try to organize my time and make plans, I find myself changing that up when it takes my fancy or that being changed when something comes up.  Being a freelancer, jobs tend to come out of the blue and having friends who have flexible hours tend to change my social life and there is also family to consider too.  I have also met a lot of new people who I enjoy being with and who I have become friends with over the last month or so.  It's been very good in that aspect.  Being around different people inspires me and I get to learn something new every time.  I like being spontaneous, it's so much long as the work still gets done of course! Life feels really different to how it did only two weeks ago...  I feel good right now and am enjoying it. Day 76 of illustrating everyday and this was all done in Flash.  A friend mentioned so

Daifuku!!! Kawaii!!!!!

Day 75 of illustrating everyday.  Posting this one up early as I have a busy day ahead of me. I am so in love with the Japanese treat: daifuku.  My favourite is the green tea flavoured one.  Daifuku or Daifukumochi is a glutinous rice cake with a sweet filling.  Mmm...I find them delicious.  Every time I receive a plate  that only holds one single solitary Daifuku I think how cute and pudgy it looks. Sometimes you wonder whether or not I want to eat it or take it home and turn it into a pet until it inevitably decomposes or turns into another entity....but then I think what a horrible waste that would be and it would be a downright tragedy to let such a sweet thing get moldy and I eat it! Anyway, I think it is the cutest looking dessert.  I tend to pat it a little before scarfing it down.  Am weird like that. This piece is done entirely in Flash.


Day 74 of illustrating everyday.  Thought I'd use a similar style to what I drew up yesterday.  This piece is Joan Miro inspired combined with some inspiration from my old children's illustration books years ago.  I wish I paid more attention to the artist names. Today was pretty good.  I love action animation scenes, dynamic shots always keep me happy.  I also finished some illustration work so am very pleased. I keep craving Pop Tarts and am just wondering whether or not I should just give in and if that will sate my cravings.  I am trying to be good and eat a lot less sugar these days but when I have junk food in the house my mentality is to eat them all at once so then I wont be tempted anymore.  Terrible I know. Drawing done in Flash and Photoshop.

Flying Mask

Howdy, Day 73 and it had to be a quick one as I have more work to do tonight.  I needed to take a break this afternoon and went to the city to do a little bit of shopping.  A little retail therapy does wonders to ones mood.  I find it did!  Especially when there are bargains to be had!  That said, I do have to get some work done now and make up for the hours I didn't do today.  The joys of being a freelancer is the flexibility of time.  So I can take breaks in a sunny day and then work till the wee hours of the morning if I please.  That said though, watch the panic when work is slow or the insanity when there is too much to handle. This was done in Flash and some textures in Photoshop.  It has been a long time since I drew anything in Flash for my blog!


Ever had one of those days where nothing goes right?  That you keep working on something is really simple but for some strange reason or another, the work just refuses to cooperate!  It was very frustrating and I just had one of those days.  Such a shame as I've been having such a good run work-wise lately.  Grrrrrr!  I am hoping that tomorrow will be a better day!  Day 72 of illustrating everyday.  Copic fineliners and coloured in Photoshop

Little Bath

Day 71 of illustrating straight everyday!  Woo hoo!  Less than 30 to make a 100...pretty awesome! I really like this piece!  I find that most baths are ill-fitted to peoples sizes and shapes or there's just not enough hot water to fill up the tub but...I still enjoy a nice warm bath when I can!  I really appreciate relaxation as I rarely do it. Today is me mostly working in a non-stressed manner, perhaps something exciting will come up tonight?  You never know these days.  I've been enjoying the spontaneity of just calling people and doing something or being called and invited to shindigs!  It's been a lot of fun and am looking forward to more!   This was done with Copic pens, fineliners and coloured in Photoshop!

Guy in pub

Day 70 and for the first time ever, I am late for a submission.   I tend to rush off home on the last train before midnight so I can upload an illustration if I didn't do it earlier today and just did not get a chance today.  Oh well!  The drawing was done hours ago at a pub/cafe with a friend of mine.  I had an awesome and jam packed day today from walking to the city from my place to meet up with a friend, draw for a few hours, saw my sister at a cool bar called " The Mana Bar ", which is a fantastic gamin bar and then met up with another friend who just got back from Japan and was enjoying the night too much.  A part of me does regret going home now in past events but hey, next time! This is a drawing of a guy I saw at the cafe on Friday when I went to a friends birthday shindig.  I thought he looked interesting.  He had...a unique hairstyle.  Done with Copic Pens, fineliners and some Photoshop! Hope the weekend is awesome thus far!

Pudgy Creature

Ah dear.... another rush job am afraid!  I actually almost forgot about drawing today, my bad!  Anyhoo, this is day 69 and done with copic fineliners and coloured photoshop. Been animating on the pilot gig today and I animated some arm pit hair in one of the shots (among other things), I really do love animating for a living.


It was a mystery why Vincent insisted on travelling with a fish balloon. A really quick one for tonight as I only have 7 minutes left before midnight.  Was a bit busy and yet not getting as much done with work as I would have liked today.  This is also my submission for Illustration Friday : Mysterious . Been socializing and chilling out a bit more lately and it's been nice.  Always good to recharge every so often. Day 68 of illustrating everyday.  This was done with Copic Fineliners at the pub with some friends today and quickly coloured up in Photoshop.

Gothic Chic

I saw this woman on the train yesterday and I thought she looked awesome so I memorized what I could and drew her up today. She had cool hair, some were blue dreds, some braided amongst the black.  She had funky facial piercings too! Am now up to day 67 of illustrating everyday.  Who would have thunk?  I was just hopeful to make it to Day 50 and now there's a chance to make a 100....that would be so awesome! For other news, work is going well.  Still on the pilot job and doing University illustrations, applied to learn 3D animation next year and I have to start on my animation for loopdeloop shortly.  Still planning to make a comic as well.  Time seems to be flying though!  So much to do! Illustration was done with Copic fineliners and coloured up in Photoshop.  I was a bit rushed today.


Day 66 of illustrating everyday.  Sometimes I think to get rid of something bothering me, I just need to really pound it to the ground mentally and sometimes physically.  I have decided to take a stance and have formed a few battle plans of my own on how to defeat a few things.  Simple decisions such as saying "no" and letting other people bear the consequences of their actions and others that include obtaining more skills and pushing my projects through.  I have a few goals I want to achieve and I am tired of letting others interfere with that.  I will fight for what I want.  No more mercy or hesitation. Done with Copic fineliners and coloured in Photoshop.

Pocky Girl

Been eating a lot of Pocky today and watching Naruto after doing work.  Drew this while I was watching and it looks nothing like Naruto but it does have an anime feel to it. Day 65 of illustrating everyday.  Low key today, doing work, chores and watching anime..a nice day.  I haven't started my new animated  loop yet and I definitely need to get onto that.  Copic fineliners and coloured in Photoshop.

Let Go.

Day 64 of illustrating everyday.  Spent some time at the folks place for Father's day, had a nice dinner with the family and watched a bit of Naruto.  My sister is trying to get me into it. We've all been in a situation where we've had to let go of something....the past, a loved one, friends, possessions.  At the moment,  I am in the process of trying to let go of something.  It is hard  and no matter what people say or how much my brain says that it is for the best and I have all the reasons and evidence in front of me indicating that it is for the best...a part of me just refuses to budge and accept things.  I am trying to let my head do most of the controlling these days, I know what is best for me and I have never been afraid to do what needs to be done, but it doesn't mean it that I like it or that certain decisions and realizations are not painful that it becomes hard to breathe.  I am sure some folks know what that is like. Hope everyone has had a great weeke

Battered but not Beaten

Day 63 of illustrating everyday.  I started out this project as a personal challenge to see if I can do it...drawing and illustrating everyday and to work, socialize and be active at the same time and I have been succeeding but...I didn't think that my emotions and thoughts would bleed into my work so much. The last few weeks have been tough and it's drained me emotionally, spiritually and financially...frankly I have taken a bit of a beating as of late.  I may be down right now but I will not be defeated by any of this....though I may need a bit of time to heal and recuperate my losses.  Copic fineliners and coloured in Photoshop. Have a great weekend, everyone!


 My submission to Illustration Friday this week, the theme being "Disguise".  I actually saw an old lady dressed like this last Tuesday and I thought it was awesome and decided to draw her.  I really want a hat like this, I think it's cool. Speaking of disguised....I wish I could mask my personality from time to time.  I wear my heart and emotions out in the open and I have gotten better at keeping it together but it sometimes just comes out as awkward and it makes me feel bad not being able to mask myself that well and I feel like it has caused me.  It will take more practice and time I guess.  I wish I could have been given more time in certain situations to adjust. Day 62 of illustrating everyday.  Done with copic fineliners and coloured with Copic Pens.


Day 61 of illustrating every day. I couldn't sleep so I'm putting up today's piece really early.  The last few weeks have been a bit tough and wearing, I won't lie.  Still getting on with stuff though and grateful for the support I have been given by other people. Copic fineliners for this sketch.