Day 74 of illustrating everyday.  Thought I'd use a similar style to what I drew up yesterday.  This piece is Joan Miro inspired combined with some inspiration from my old children's illustration books years ago.  I wish I paid more attention to the artist names.

Today was pretty good.  I love action animation scenes, dynamic shots always keep me happy.  I also finished some illustration work so am very pleased.

I keep craving Pop Tarts and am just wondering whether or not I should just give in and if that will sate my cravings.  I am trying to be good and eat a lot less sugar these days but when I have junk food in the house my mentality is to eat them all at once so then I wont be tempted anymore.  Terrible I know.

Drawing done in Flash and Photoshop.


  1. Cute bunny. Love the color palette :)
    Always give in to your cravings, and never listen to the advice of people who always give into their cravings ;)

  2. Heh, I do exactly the same with sweet stuff and because I won't rest until it's all gone I go through long periods where I simply ban myself from the sweet section in the shop, there seems to be no other way to stop me! :)
    I really like the style of this drawing, very different to your usual style but I really like it :)

    Veronika (http://www.constantworkinprogress.com)


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