Swirly Tail

Day 78 of illustrating everyday.  The image just came to my head so I just drew it!  I don't draw enough animals I think, I always prefer to draw people.  I guess it's because I am not surrounded by pets or animals at all and I didn't grow up with pets being a major influence in my life.  I do find them fun to draw though.  I miss life drawing, I should get back into it but as it is, I find that there just isn't enough time in the day for everything.  I still need to get my loop animation done for this month.  Eep!

The weekend has been awesome thus far!  Looking forward to what this week might bring.

Done with copic fineliners and coloured in Photoshop


  1. I absolutely love this!!! It's so pretty and sweet, you draw animals beautifully for not having had any...although I don't know how many people have actually had swirly tailed birds as pets!
    Have a wonderful week Marta...
    xo J~


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