I went to the cafe/bar again and met up with some comic friends to do some drawing after the gym and this is what I came up with.  I sat down, started doodling and ended up with a porcelain type fish with a rabbit on top of it's head.  An image pops into my head and I draw it...can't really explain some of the drawings anymore.

Day 86 of drawing everyday already!  So close to a hundred, it's insane!  Been drawing straight for this long, fricking cool.  This is done with Copic fineliners and coloured with Copic Pens and a bit of playing around in Photoshop.

So there is a special animation screening of the animated themed Loops I've been submitting every month to loopdeloop!  They're showing 3 of mine so am rather pleased with that.  That said, it's funny what people seem to like more when I animate or illustrate.  Always the ones that have taken me the least amount of effort is what people really seem to like.  It confuses and irritates me from time to time.  Am sure most artists get that though.


  1. Hello, Marta! 100 days of illustration and you're almost there! Whoa, that is some feat. And these are all great, too! Not some quick sketches. I'm very impressed. Your little rabbits are adorable. And these fishbones are awesome! Surreal and awesome! Hope you're doing well on your projects and hitting the gym on a regular basis. It's great catching up with you!


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