IF: Ferocious

This is my Ferocious Fish.  I wanted to submit something to Illustration Friday this week.  The fish looks pretty ferocious right?  Or is the bunny undermining its ferocity?

My headspace has been a bit weird the last few days...might be why I have started coming up with these images.  I keep seeing fishbones in my head and am not sure why.

Work is going rather well.  Getting great feedback on the shots am doing and it's a real confidence booster.  That said, I know my weak points and I really need to sit down and fix those.  I don't like being weak in anything if I can help it.

Day 88 of drawing everyday.  Done with Copic Pens, Copic Fineliners and textured in Photoshop.


  1. The ferocious one seems to be the rabbit. It’s piloting the flying fishbone ship, a pirate of the seven winds. Arr!
    Great drawing IMO.

  2. oh wow, Marta, this is real ferocious.
    love fishbones!


  3. I just love this one! Didn't notice the rabbit 'til after you mentioned it - too captivated by the bones.

  4. I agree with deer prudence, I think the fish was whole before that bunny came on the scene. Wonderful image

  5. Ferociously evil looking, fabulous work.
    I'm very impressed that you are at day 87 of drawing everyday! That is worthy of a "Medal of Amazing Artistic Endurance!"


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