Flying Mask

Howdy, Day 73 and it had to be a quick one as I have more work to do tonight.  I needed to take a break this afternoon and went to the city to do a little bit of shopping.  A little retail therapy does wonders to ones mood.  I find it did!  Especially when there are bargains to be had!  That said, I do have to get some work done now and make up for the hours I didn't do today.  The joys of being a freelancer is the flexibility of time.  So I can take breaks in a sunny day and then work till the wee hours of the morning if I please.  That said though, watch the panic when work is slow or the insanity when there is too much to handle.

This was done in Flash and some textures in Photoshop.  It has been a long time since I drew anything in Flash for my blog!


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