Flower Lady

Day 84 of illustrating everyday.  I just got back from a hike today and there were all these pretty blue flowers on the ground so I thought I'd draw some up for today's image.  Also felt like drawing a face so I did that too!

Anyhoo, things have been going well but I have started to try and find more work again.  I still have stuff on but as a freelancer I need to keep moving several steps ahead and not to mention planning several things ahead.  I love this life and the flexibility but it sure can get stressful!

I have my animation screening on Tuesday and Thursday night at two different venues!  If you haven't seen it yet please check it out and give me some stars if you like it! http://www.loopdeloop.org/2011/09/marta-tesoro-down-the-rabbit-hole/

Today's illustration was done in Flash.


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