Too Cute!!!!!

Howdy everyone!  Day 79 of illustrating everyday...thought I'd draw these characters again and see if I could improve on the style just for fun.  I draw so many different things and characters, sometimes it's nice to develop existing designs and see how much cuter they can get!  I just felt like drawing something cute.  For those who are curious...the cat is biting the bunny's ear.  Done in Flash.

Pretty much spent all of today working, it was a nice and sunny day too.  I prefer to be stuck indoors working in front of a computer when there is a storm out and am sure most people think that...unless you do outdoor work...

People, myself included, think too much of the future or the past and not really taking the time to enjoy the present.  We can plan all we want for the future, knowing very well that the decisions in the present "could" affect it but am sure most people have had the experience of a monkey wrench being thrown into those plans by some unforeseen event/person.  Then there are the people who can't enjoy the present (or even the nearby future) cause they are so stuck in the past.  All the ghosts that haunts them and it ruins any enjoyment that the present people/situations can bring.  Of course not thinking about the past or present is bad too because you don't learn your mistakes from the past and you don't prepare for what may come in the future.  Balance is the key to all these things...people spout about it all the time but it's true.

"The past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift.  That is why it is called the 'present'. 
Quoted from the Kung Fu Master Turtle (Master Oogway) from Kung Fu Panda 01....though am sure it's an old existing quote but I have no idea who.  Yeah, am a nerd and a cartoon buff, but I have an excuse!  Am an animator after all.


  1. Very wise sentiments Marta! And it seems that bunny is thoroughly enjoying the present here and not caring one whit about the past or the future...unless of course, it's the hope of more ear biting in the future!
    xo J~


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