Life is full of surprises...no really, it is.  Several events have transpired over the last few weeks that I never saw coming and as much as I try to organize my time and make plans, I find myself changing that up when it takes my fancy or that being changed when something comes up.  Being a freelancer, jobs tend to come out of the blue and having friends who have flexible hours tend to change my social life and there is also family to consider too.  I have also met a lot of new people who I enjoy being with and who I have become friends with over the last month or so.  It's been very good in that aspect.  Being around different people inspires me and I get to learn something new every time.  I like being spontaneous, it's so much fun...as long as the work still gets done of course!

Life feels really different to how it did only two weeks ago...  I feel good right now and am enjoying it.

Day 76 of illustrating everyday and this was all done in Flash.  A friend mentioned something about a bunny on top of a kitty yesterday so I thought I'd draw it up.


  1. So good to hear that life's good and filled with people who inspire you and your life more fun, it's the best thing ever, isn't it? :)

    Veronika (http://www.constantworkinprogress.com)

  2. So happy you're in a better and happier place right now....it's wonderful when that happens isn't it?! We must always keep the faith that things will get better...especially when it looks impossible that they ever could.
    Bunny seems just as surprised as kitty...very cute!
    xo J~


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