Rubber Ducky Hat

Man....I would like a Rubber Ducky Hat....if only I could sew what I draw!  If only I had the patience to learn how to make hats....alas I do not.

A good day of work today, pounded out a cool action shot which I am rather pleased with.  Just a few more touch ups and it is done!  Aside from work not much has happened today....poor old boring productive me.  :P

Anyhoo, it is now Day 87 of drawing everyday and this was done with Copic Fineliners and coloured into Photoshop!


  1. haha! Love this one! Awesome stuff!

    I'm in Melbs in November for some tattoo'ing... let me know if you are around and we could catch up for a coffee... in a public place of course... you could be an axe wielding psycho and I'm quite attached to my limbs! ;)

    Keep it up dudette, 86 and going strong!

  2. Oh, please take up sewing, and sew this hat! It's adorable and would do wonders for keeping ones head or out of the tub!
    xo J~

  3. That's really very nice hats. I like him.It's really advanced creation by creative this hats.

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