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Upcoming Little Deities Exhibition

Hello hello! Well, this is my deity, all finished up at Squishface Studios and submitted for the Little Deities Exhibition that is happening on March 08!  It’s curated by the amazing Daniel Atkinson and it involves about 60 different artist each making a little deity of their own.  Come to the opening at  No Vacancy Gallery , QV Building - 34-40 Jane Bell Lane (enter from Russell St), from 6:00pm-9:00pm.  It’s going to be a sight to behold! So if you're in Melbourne next Thursday, come to the opening! Photo above was taken by Justin Foo .  Check his work out on his blog as it’s pretty awesome! Oh and that's eggshells covering the baby.  Yup.  I made the God of Eggs.  Isn't he cute?  I can't wait to see him next to all the other little deities at the exhibition, it's going to be so rad!  It has been a busy day already and it's not even noon yet! 

New Steampunk Fish: Bowler hat

This is the new Steam punk Fish I finished a few days ago.  I am very pleased with it.  It turned out really well!  A lot more colourful than my last Steam punk fish.  I'm going to do a third one at some point and make a series out of them in A3.  They should look awesome right next to each other. Going to be working on a new series of Fishbones soon. Been listening to Survivor Season 01 while freelancing.  I find it relaxing hearing shows I have watched before.  A drawing habit of mine I guess.


Do you really want to know what she's capable of?  A lot of destruction and mayhem, I would imagine. I felt like drawing something a bit more comic-like for this week's Illustration Friday : theme being "Capable". A busy day today with freelance work, exercise, preparing prints for pick-up on Saturday, submitted my deity and dropped off my logo which will be made into a stamp!  Hooray!  I am not done yet though, need to get onto doing more of my current freelance job.  A lil worried about cash but this is normal as a freelancer. 

BW Tribal Fish

A fishbone piece I finished last night.  I decided to leave this one black and white to show the linework.  Done with brush pens and copic fineliners. It is soooo hot...makes it hard to work.  Trying to do freelance work right now on a computer is painful.  I am looking forward to the cool change coming to Melbourne.  PLEASE COME SOON!!  It's just sooooo hot!!!!

Modelling Legomen

A more complicated modelling than the boxmen that was done previously.  All the textures were drawn up in Flash.  We were put into teams for this tutorial to re-enact a movie scene.  My team chose "Sean of the Dead" where one of the characters gets pulled through a window and torn apart. I did two of the zombies and the blood and drew the blood and guts which where then put onto a 3D plane.  It was definitely a lot of fun and I managed to get through most of the model except for the arms.  I had to do the arms like three times till I got it right.  I need more practice.  Something exciting happened at Squishface Studio today but can't tell you guys what yet!  I also finished a black and white fishbone piece and have started painting a new Steampunk fish.  I will hopefully get it done tomorrow and then do more freelance for the next few days.

Bird of Paradise Fish Bone

This is one of the few pieces I have for sale at Squishface Studio   and it is one of my favourite designs. I like the sense of movement and I like feathers.  Not too sure how people take this one.  I drew this up a few months ago.  No time to draw anything new today, it is going to be a very busy day with school, a school BBQ and fixing up the studio tonight.  I am hoping to get the chance to go to a housewarming but the studio takes priority.  I am also working on a new Steampunk Fish design.  Should be awesome....I hope.


I think I was pushed to new limits today.  I think am doing a lot better  and keeping the "give up it hurts!" mentality at bay, but my goodness...there are just some combination of exercises that kill.  I felt a few of those today. The drawing doesn't cover how exhausted I am.  That said, I feel good too.  I can see definite improvements both physically and metally. Been pretty busy.  Today at school we modelled lego men and it's a lot of fun getting into modelling.  I still don't know a lot of things and make too many mistakes for my liking but I don't think am doing too badly considering I've never modelled in Maya.  Got to do some texturing for school tomorrow. so tired.  A lot of long days ahead.

Holy crud...the cake....the cake....

I felt sick soon after having my first whole slice of cake in 2 months.  It was a chocolate cheesecake and it was good eating it but afterwards....holy crud, I felt really awful.  I still feel awful.  Obviously my body isn't used to it anymore.  A part of me laments not being able to enjoy the things I used to but at the same time it is good to be finally weaned off sweets....something I have been battling for ages.  I mean, with a family that has the diabetes line...being addicted to sweets is just asking for trouble.  I don't want to have diabetes and it looks like that the food diary Justin got me to do and the training is totally working.  I am well on my way of getting fitter and keeping the diabetes away.


A quick one today using my new brush pens.  This one is for Illustrations Friday : Fluid.  I just wanted to do a liquid type, or liquid emerging female. A bit on the rushed side but I do like how it turned out. I spent some time today adding more layers on my doll for the Little Deities exhibition and started sketching out a new Steampunk Fish to paint for Saturday. I also did some work on my current freelance gig and had a training session with Justin .  I really enjoy training and am seeing results. It hasn't been that long either!  I can do things that I wasn't able to do physically before.  It's great!

Purple Dead Tree Fish

Hello...this is an oldie but a goodie.  I haven't had much time to draw today as am catching up on freelance work.  Someone just recently ordered a print of this when they came pass the studio.  I have a folio book at the moment that displays majority of my fishbone work.  I need to update it actually.  I am always surprised by how much peoples taste differs from mine when it comes to my own work.  What I think is awesome barely gets a second look sometimes and something I think I could have done better in is totally appreciated.  Such an odd thing.  I will be looking for a place to do an exhibition later this year...methinks earlier is better than later with the way things are going.  I just have to see how that goes with school and budgets and whatnot.  Exhibitions aren't cheap after all.

Deity for exhibition (work in progress)

Howdy!  I was working on my deity for the Little Deities Exhibition here in Melbourne on March 08.  This is the deity around the fourth stage of the process. I actually finished him today but I wont be putting up any of the finished product photos just yet until closer to the exhibition.  That and the glue hasn't quite dried yet in any of the photos.  It took me 9 hours today to finish the doll.  I had to get it done today as I have a lot of other things to do over the next few days...weeks...months.....the year.... heh.  I wouldn't have it any other way though!


Forgive the lousy photographs, it is night time and I only have yellow lights in the entire house.  Pretty annoying when wanting to take a shot of the work. The piece isn't this yellow, I assure you. This is one time I wish I left the work in black and white..I think it looked better previously.  Ah well. I also sold some more fish bone prints today!  Very happy, I really need to get on with organizing that exhibition... along with a million other things!

Skydome Still Shot!

Hello, hello!!!  Look what I've been doing at 3D school!  I made a skydome and it is actually animated!  Though we didn't get the chance to render anything today though.  Majority of the textures where drawn and scanned into photoshop and mapped around some 3D models (city background, air balloon, waves).  I did the texture of the Cubie model in Flash and the cloud texture in Photoshop.  Did my first bit of Maya animation today and will post up my efforts some time next week.  Wheeee! The next few days are going to be very busy with making my doll for the Little Deities exhibition and a new fish bone painting to finish as well as some freelance work.  Busy, busy, busy.  I should do some of that stuff tonight...but after some food!  Which hopefully isn't burning as I finish writing up this post!

Girl character sketch

A quick character sketch I did last night after coming back home from a picnic, listening to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at the park.  Anyone in Melbourne should go and check it out.  This is the first drawing where I used my new brush pens from Japan.  They're JET pens and the ones I have is a Kuratake fine and medium point.   I love them!!!  Great for drawing up curves and there is more line varitaion.  I don't think it will work for my fishbone series though.  I shall give it a try but the shadings may not be as precise. We get to do a basic animation at school tomorrow!  Wheee!

City background

Holy S*%$!!!  What a day and it's not even over yet.  So I was up till about 2am for the emergency job last night, got up at 7am and getting in contact with the client, then realizing that the IT gods were against us as the last file refused to be received at their end and finally a few hours later I manage to send it to him via another internet route.  Grrrrrr!!! Insanity!!!!!!  That said, the client is very pleased with my work, so I in turn am very pleased too! I also spent the morning doing this drawing.  I rarely draw backgrounds and this is something I did for 3D school which is starting in about 2 hours.  It's for a Snow globe Exercise.  Lets see how that goes.  I actually really like this drawing, considering how rarely I draw backgrounds.  The last time I drew a BG was for a job one year ago. Sheesh, I am also still waiting for the printers to text me so I can pick up the pieces before 3D school otherwise I wont be able to pick it up until Monday next week.  Sob!!

Clown Fish

Ayuh, got an emergency last minute gig due tomorrow morning to do tonight so no time to draw anything new today.  This is a piece I finished a few months ago and an A4 print of it is on sale at Squishface Studio !  Wheeee!  Scary, isn't he?  In an endearing sort of way of course. I was a bit petulant and childish last night over a few things, I lost some clarity but after today I feel I have a bit more perspective after some hardcore training. Best advice I could give anyone, when the brain feels cluttered, messy and unreasonable...exercise.  Okay!  Back to work. This animation wont finish itself and I have school tomorrow!


Not a good day today in some aspects but quite productive in others. I have to create new business cards soon.  It will be fun picking a bunch of pictures to print out when I get the chance...

IF: Popularity (aka Half a Dozen Roses)

Did you know that if you give someone 6 red roses it means " I want to be yours".  It would certainly increase your popularity with that person.  My first school of flower fish.  Did you guys notice the bunnies?  It's nice to travel with company. I went and sold my zine and a print of this image at a zine fair today.  I've never done it and I had a great time and sold a few things too.  Anyone interested in this print?  There are still some left!  Send me an email and we'll work something out ;)  I did find it interesting that people didn't notice that they were fish.  I shall label the signage next time.  I am thinking of releasing a limited edition picture book of this series.  I am currently working on a pair of Bluebell fish. I also trained today.  I had McDonalds before training.  Note to self, never have that junk ever again.  Meh, I was silly and in a rush to get back to the Zine fair.  I paid for it at training though. Much work needs to get don

Box Models

Well, after two and a half days on Maya, I kinda know how to texture...more or less.  The exercise today involved us being given a template then, creating our own texture/boxman to go around cubes.  Seamlessly.  We first start out with one cube for the first exercise.  Afterwards we were then provided a Maya file with the whole character.  I found it a lot of fun.  I did all the drawing/ texturing in Flash.  Wacoms are not provided at school and drawing in photoshop with a mouse is a pain so as soon as I found out they had Flash...that's all she wrote.  This is good anyway as I do most of my animate-able character designs in Flash and this will be applicable to a few animation ideas I have in the future.   I am barely touching the surface of Maya yet but I will get there.  It will be good to go through some tutorials on my own before class next week.  We shall see how we go. I am still working on my first school of fish painting.  It's taking a while I must admit.  The aim

First model..

Hah!  Behold my first 3D model done yesterday. needs some work.  I've never really touched Maya and certainly haven't modelled in it.  I didn't get the chance to sit down in front of the computer before school to study it.  Ah well.  This is why I went back to learn.  Used mostly circles for this one and one cone.  It will be nice to know how to use the tools properly.  We weren't suppose to get into Maya yesterday but the class more or less blitzed the Photoshop tutorials so we got to play with Maya in the last few hours of class. One of the exercises in school yesterday.  Essentially it's getting a whole heap of images and creating a new world / look to it.  I had some scanned drawings on my thumb drive so I thought to toss one of them in as well!

IF: Suspense

Oh no!  Are they playing tag or is it something a bit more sinister?  A rush job tonight am afraid.  I actually doodled this at 3D school while at lunch time.  I went off on my own today for lunch.  I just wanted to relax and draw.  Shut down for a little bit.  I shall socialize with fellow students tomorrow lunchtime. I have barely spoken to anyone the last few days.  I've just been concentrating on the tasks at hand in school and formulating plans on how I could make the tutorials am doing more folio worthy.  Because at the end of the day, that's what I need to show to people and I can't waste the opportunities.  learn how to do something.  Then do it again and make it better. Being back at school is challenging.  I painted after school last night.  Then today I trained after school, putting up this post and then am going to go and do more painting because I need to do the prints and the scans at the very latest on Saturday night.  It is challenging juggling everything

First day of School.....again.

Howdy!  How is everyone?  Well today was my first day back in school...after 10 years.  I am currently studying a few days a week at AIE .  Wheeeee!  Well, it's pretty good so far.  I am not the oldest but I would say I came pretty close...though I think I blend in pretty well with this crowd.  Too soon to tell at the moment.  Anyway, no 3D today, instead we had some Photoshop action.  Things I don't really use Photoshop for which is pretty awesome cause I get to review a few things and learn about the capabilities about some of the functions of Photoshop that I do not use.  For instance, I never generate anything out of Photoshop.  I always use it to enhance things I have already drawn. The first image was me trying to follow the tute exactly and the second is me doing it again but with my own spin on it.  I forgot to download the tutorials though so I can't explore anymore tonight but I will remember to pick it up tomorrow.  I'm not used to the different steps so

Air Balloon Screenprint

Howdy!  One of my screen printing pieces I did months ago.  Sorry, nothing new to put up.  I spent most of the day drawing and painting a new fish bone piece today but I didn't get it done.  Anyway, I am working on it as a "Valentines Special".  I don't really celebrate Valentines but nevertheless it's what inspired me to do the piece.  My first "school of fish" illustration ever!  So keep posted.  I am trying to get the illustration done for a Sticky Zine Fair to sell this Sunday.  I have never sold at a Zine fair before so this is going to be new and exciting!  Anyone down in Melbourne, come and visit! Speaking of selling, I made another print sale today.  A lady saw one of my pieces at the launch and she bought it to decorate her office!  Wheeee!  I am very pleased.  It's the Steampunk Fish that got sold.  Every little bit helps..cos am going to be a student soon.  Tomorrow!!!  School starts tomorrow!  I am pretty excited and nervous.  I have

Tooth Dilemmas

Ayuh....visited the dentist today and it cost me an arm and a leg.  Yikes. I have been a bit slack with the whole seeing a dentist every 6 months thing.  Costs, time and I don't find a dentist visit pleasant are all contributing factors for my dropping the ball on that one.  Why is the cost of healthiness so expensive? Gah!  I was told to get an electric toothbrush by my dentist too...that cost the other arm and leg.  Grrrrr......but since I am not too keen on the idea of having dentures by the time am 50, I'll listen to the specialist.

Smoking Helmet Fish

Hello, hello!  I just got my internet back!  Whee!!!  I have to make this post quick just in case it dies out again and also because my parents are over tonight and my Mum just finished cooking dinner! Anyway, thought I'd try making the fish slightly more cartoony and check the feel of it!  Thinking of whether or not I should make the fish bones all thematic when I do my first exhibition or just display everything I've got.  They're all fish bones anyway, right?  Thoughts?

Seahorse Garden

Oh my gosh!  Today I had a bit of a heart attack.  So I left the studio and had to take two trains to get back home and with me I had some shopping and my folder containing this new watercolour piece that I just finished today.  I went to the groceries and went back home and I what do you know....NO FOLDER!  I freaked a bit and then I just took a deep breath and thought of the situation rationally.  At first I thought I left it on one of the trains and then realized that it's not like me to leave an important item like my drawings behind.  I re-traced my steps back to the grocery and hooray!  It was there!  I was so sad and depressed when I thought I lost the painting. Another watercolour piece.  I actually finished inking a new fish at the Studio today as well.  Going to colour it tomorrow morning before seeing some friends and then my parents.  I may not get it done though.  Got a lot of stuff to do. I also have a new skipping rope exercise I need to do everyday.  I still

Teal Coiffure

Another busy day today.  Doing work and chores.  The usual stuff.  Not too much to report except that I just found out that the Squishface gang is on Time Out magazine... check it out ! You can apparently buy the mag at your local Newsagents.  Whee!  I am looking forward to a weekend of painting and drawing.  I will be in the studio pretty much all day tomorrow and most of the day on Sunday.  Should be good fun.  I'll actually be able to post up some proper artwork instead of just scribbles...that would be nice.

Teacup Fish

I am wrecked today!  I had to put up one of my older pieces now, just too exhausted to make a new one am afraid.  This week has been abysmal for drawing and for my fish bone pieces.  I still have one in the studio that is unfinished.  I have a bit of freelance am trying to make good headway on before school starts next week.  I am well and truly depleted from exercise today too.  I think it may have been my best session yet.  Anyway, am tired and need an early night.  Feeling better about some things which is good.  Freelancing and study....then paying off my school fees through tax.  Yay.


Well another quick one.  Really don't have much time in the day to sit down and work on an illustration for hours.  Too much stuff to get done before next week.  A lot of little irritations today and I am reminded again that being accommodating towards people does have it's drawbacks from time to time, especially when I feel that it is being taken for granted. Working out has been great though.  Feeling stronger but I feel that I am still too weak mentally and would like to be able to break that barrier in my head. Anyway time for some chill out before getting back into the swing of things later tonight.