Skydome Still Shot!

Hello, hello!!!  Look what I've been doing at 3D school!  I made a skydome and it is actually animated!  Though we didn't get the chance to render anything today though.  Majority of the textures where drawn and scanned into photoshop and mapped around some 3D models (city background, air balloon, waves).  I did the texture of the Cubie model in Flash and the cloud texture in Photoshop.  Did my first bit of Maya animation today and will post up my efforts some time next week.  Wheeee!

The next few days are going to be very busy with making my doll for the Little Deities exhibition and a new fish bone painting to finish as well as some freelance work.  Busy, busy, busy.  I should do some of that stuff tonight...but after some food!  Which hopefully isn't burning as I finish writing up this post!


  1. wwoooowww!!!!!
    i know nothing about 3D, never done 3D before, this is super super super awesome, congrats!



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