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Howdy!  One of my screen printing pieces I did months ago.  Sorry, nothing new to put up.  I spent most of the day drawing and painting a new fish bone piece today but I didn't get it done.  Anyway, I am working on it as a "Valentines Special".  I don't really celebrate Valentines but nevertheless it's what inspired me to do the piece.  My first "school of fish" illustration ever!  So keep posted.  I am trying to get the illustration done for a Sticky Zine Fair to sell this Sunday.  I have never sold at a Zine fair before so this is going to be new and exciting!  Anyone down in Melbourne, come and visit!

Speaking of selling, I made another print sale today.  A lady saw one of my pieces at the launch and she bought it to decorate her office!  Wheeee!  I am very pleased.  It's the Steampunk Fish that got sold.  Every little bit helps..cos am going to be a student soon.  Tomorrow!!!  School starts tomorrow!  I am pretty excited and nervous.  I haven't been to school in 10 years!  Gosh...I am so old.  You know, I was the youngest when I took up the 2D animation Post Grad.  Now that I am starting 3D...I will probably be pretty close as being one of the oldest.  Bleh.

Yesterday, I had one of my toughest training sessions ever.  I was so ready to give up.  It was a cardio session and I hate cardio.  My friend, (who is training to be a Personal Trainer), wouldn't let me give up though and I amazed myself physically by discovering that after the initial wanting to give up, I still had a lot more in me to give.  It was an amazing feeling going beyond what I thought my limits where.  It's amazing what can be achieved with focus.  Now to apply this to every aspects of my life....that said...this year will be a year of focusing on goals and perhaps with a little luck and blessing I may actually achieve them.


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