Do you really want to know what she's capable of?  A lot of destruction and mayhem, I would imagine.

I felt like drawing something a bit more comic-like for this week's Illustration Friday: theme being "Capable".

A busy day today with freelance work, exercise, preparing prints for pick-up on Saturday, submitted my deity and dropped off my logo which will be made into a stamp!  Hooray!  I am not done yet though, need to get onto doing more of my current freelance job.  A lil worried about cash but this is normal as a freelancer. 


  1. I like it, she looks like a rough babe :) No kitty you want to pick up without using gloves.

  2. Haha, definitely destruction and mayhem. Perhaps the Mayhem Maven! I would like to stay on her good side, for sure. That's a really cool, almost industrial background too. Nice!

  3. Hehehehehe. Turn her weapon of choice into gigantic markers and brushes, and she would be you. Bad-ass. But not the destruction and chaos part, of course.

    Your Bird of Paradise Fish is GOR-GEE-OUS!


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