Seahorse Garden

Oh my gosh!  Today I had a bit of a heart attack.  So I left the studio and had to take two trains to get back home and with me I had some shopping and my folder containing this new watercolour piece that I just finished today.  I went to the groceries and went back home and I what do you know....NO FOLDER!  I freaked a bit and then I just took a deep breath and thought of the situation rationally.  At first I thought I left it on one of the trains and then realized that it's not like me to leave an important item like my drawings behind.  I re-traced my steps back to the grocery and hooray!  It was there!  I was so sad and depressed when I thought I lost the painting.

Another watercolour piece.  I actually finished inking a new fish at the Studio today as well.  Going to colour it tomorrow morning before seeing some friends and then my parents.  I may not get it done though.  Got a lot of stuff to do.

I also have a new skipping rope exercise I need to do everyday.  I still have to do my 20 minutes for today!  Perhaps after a little bit of food.  Am starving.  I've been getting hungry every 2 hours and I get grumpy without food.  I need to bring almonds, sandwiches and apple slices when I go to school.


  1. I can just imagine the dread you felt! This one is so beautiful, so very beautiful. I love the garden... Wonderful piece.

  2. I soooo love this one's spectacular!!! Bunny's getting a very special ride!
    Glad all worked out with your 'ooops'!
    xo J~

  3. Thank GOODNESS you found it!

    This is so cooooool! I love seahorses and seadragons. The garden on this one is superb with all its soft colors and lights. Nice to see Bunny has found another species to ride. And what's this? Another little friend tagging along. Delightful! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  4. beautiful!://O what an amazing garden at that. i can so clearly imagine how the trees must sway with a creaking,crying noise as the seahorse gently moves through space, the lanterns giving off a flickering light from afar while glowing through the greens(ehrm!PURPLES),n disappearing into it yet again. n i just ADORE that swing!i'm just as curious as bella sinclair of this new little friend. beautiful work you~!


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