Kitty Cat birthday present!

Birthday boy

black and white

Howdy!  No urban sketching this weekend but look what I drew on late Friday night!  I didn't have time to draw on Saturday as I went hiking in Belgrave with a friend.  He took me to an awesome park and the hike was tough but there was plenbty to see.  I saw Lyrebirds!  Pretty amazing.  The place is quaint and I want to go back on a good day just to draw some of the buildings in the small town.  I got back pretty late and I had to go home, clean up and head out again to celebrate the birthday party!  Here's my friend and sound designer Daniel Waghorn.  He does all the music for my animations.  Check him out!  Had a lovely time at his birthday last night.

I slept in today.  In fact, I've been tired for most of the day and I think a good sleep is in order tonight.

The next few weeks are about to get very busy.  I picked up another e-book job so off I go again!  Be warned that my writing will probably be quite sporadic and hurried over the next few days.  I have double jobs at Moshi and will be freelancing as soon as I get home.


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