Urban Sketching: some parts of Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

"Flowers Vasette", corner Greeves and Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Interiror of "Naked for Satan" on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy     
Black and White of Naked for Satan interior before colouring.
In the shop of Flowers Vasette.  I got given a small free bunch of flowers!

I had a really good day yesterday of drawing, though it was so cold!  I first started drawing Flowers Vasette since I always thought this flower shop had a fun exterior, loved the giant plant and the little bees on the wall.  While I was drawing I was approached by some guys doing their photography project, like People of New York, but they were doing Melbournians, specifically in the Fitzroy area.  It was fun chatting to them and I might be doing a fun drawing gig but we shall see!  Anyway, as soon as I drew the last stroke it started to rain so I ran into Atomica Cafe and had coffee and lunch.  Was really lovely colouring the image in there as the cafe was playing the entire soundtrack from the movie "Labyrinth", so am there singing along and colouring.

After lunch and colouring, I wandered off, looking for other buildings to draw and there is no shortage on Brunswick street but the weather was not kind.  The rain kept turning on and off and finding a place with shelter that had a good view of the street was a little difficult and it really was very cold.  I ended up at Naked for Satan.  They were on the Urban List on having the top 10 best lulled wine in Melbourne and I wanted something to keep me warm.  I also had several parties here and I have always liked the interior.  I started drawing there, the staff were extremely lovely and it was great to stay warm.  It was my first interior and I picked a doozy for my first time.  I also got approached by a patron at the place and I might end up doing some commission work for them.  We shall see.  It was nice to chat to people because they were interested in my drawing though.

For other news, I now have a tumblr that has all my sketches.  It's a project I've been thinking of doing for a while.  Urban sketching and hoping to reach a 100 at the very least.  A hundred decent ones that is.  Doesn't count if it's unfinished.


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