Urban Sketching: Port Melbourne (at the dock)

Port Melbourne at the dock.  My first ship drawing!

Hi!  So I drew the sketch on the beach and in the cold and wind last Sunday (06/07/2014) and there really wasn't a place to colour on site.  I coloured this up yesterday and unfortunately forgot to make a recording of it.  You know when you get really focussed on getting something done and you just forget everything else.  Well, I did that yesterday with this piece.  Am pretty happy with it.

Am wondering if I should create a tumblr blog with just my urban sketching adventures or if that's just too much...considering I have a facebook page, Twitter and an instagram page that am already trying to keep updated as much as I can.  That said, it would be nice to make a specific page for people to check out if they only want to see the Urban sketches.
 Hehehe!  Not the best photo of me but this was taken by the birthday girl (it was a beach party).  See the little structure connected to the dock on the water?  I was drawing there.


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