Journal pics and entries since Saturday..

Drew this last Saturday before hiking at Flinders Street Station while waiting for a friend.  Strangers like chatting to people who draw.

Monday morning during brekky.  First time trying Moccona
After dinner on Monday.  Mum showed me that coating meat with mustard is delicious.  It sure is.

At work today during my break. 

A slice of cheesecake as a treat today...and probably for the whole week.
BIRTHDAY BOY!  Our animation supervisor Christien Clegg.  Photo by Jemimah Clegg (his wife).  Am in the background :P

Well, here are the entries over the last few days.  Kinda fun drawing objects and food that are in front of me.  No pencils, straight fineliners and using ball pens, gel pens, brush pens and any other pens that doesn't bleed on paper.

 I finished a monster of a shot today.  Very pleased.  Got a few hard days ahead of me though.  Trying to think of which project I should do a bit of tonight since I have early training tomorrow.  Hmmmm....what to do?  incidentally, training has been pretty awesome.  Achieving a lot of things I couldn't physically do before.  Always makes me happy. First things first though, must cook my spaghetti!


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