Urban Sketching: Newmarket Station (still a sketch)

Hi!  Did this yesterday in Pepper Cafe with the window view of the station.  This was really complicated to draw and I haven't had time to colour it yet.  Going to need to do that before long as well!  There was a server error at work so we couldn't animate and got sent home early and I spend a lot of free time Urban Sketching nowadays.  I need to look for a place that does mounts as well so I can start framing some pieces.

For other news, all pages of the bunny e-book got approved....yay!  Now for the front and back cover.  Will work on it this week if I can.  Got to motor it at Pyschobutts now! 

Thinking of what to draw this coming Saturday.  Perhaps I should give Flinders Street station a go from across the Yarra or Fed Square.  Maybe a cathedral....a cathedral would be good.....


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